This Week in Bamboo (January 20th, 2013 – January 26th, 2013)

This week in Bamboo, a major release of Task Master Release 3.5 for SharePoint 2010 was released to the storefront with new improvements, great new features and many resolved bugs. Please see the release announcement blogs from our Product Manager for details: Announcing the Release of Task Master R3.5 for SharePoint 2010. For a complete list of bug fixes, great new features, limitations and known issues about the new release, please see below.

HW45 Task Master for SharePoint 2010 Release 3.5

New features:

• Provides the option to assign multiple resources to a task.
• Provides the option to exclude lunch time in the project schedule.
• Integrates with List Rollup Web Part R6.0: Consume data where the data source is from List Rollup and display aggregated task items from multiple sites.
• Includes additional conditions for Adjusting Task Schedule: Change task’s duration, total work or due date when resource assignments are changed based on task conditions (e.g. keep duration constant, keep total work constant, but increase or decrease the hours that resources work per day).
• Improves the tool pane interface.
• Provides a Search option.
• Allows users to delete task items from the interface.
• Allows users to view Project Schedule Configuration Settings from the interface.
• Allows users to disable the Recalculate button and add additional rules where if the Recalculate button is disabled, Task Master will not apply any business rules or changes and will allow users to keep the data as is.

Bugs Fixes for Current Limitations and Known Issues in R3.0:

• When adding a lookup column that is a site column to Task Master display, the page may display an error with the message, “Bad document format (no tag <Grid>–>Error::GanttLayout Message: List does not exist.”
• Milestone displays American data/time instead of Australian.
• In the Gantt view, in the Go To Date when select today’s date Task Master does not change to display the Gantt based on the date selection.
• Add a Data Viewer Web Part to the page where Task Master is and Task Master will display no data.
• When select users or groups in the Assigned To column, sort in ascending/descending order.
• If a Project Management Central tasks list contains more than 2000 items, click the Recalculate button will cause a timeout error.
• If the Bamboo List Search Web Part is added to the same page as a Task Master Web Part, attempting to edit the List Search Web Part properties results in an Internet Explorer error message: “Internet Explorer has stopped working.”
• If the Gantt chart color coding is assigned based on the Schedule Status column and your inline-edit of a task results in a change to the value of that column, you must refresh the browser to see the new color in the Gantt chart. This is work as designed.
• Saving or recalculating a task list with more than 1000 items may cause a timeout error in the client. The update process will continue on the server. To view the results of the Save or Recalculate, refresh the browser using Control + F5.
• The % Complete for summary tasks is not updated in the Gantt chart the first time you click Recalculate. To see the correct value, refresh the browser using Control + F5 or click Recalculate again.

Current Limitations:

• Task cannot save and show error message when assigned to 11 users.
• Task Master shows incorrect Predecessor Tasks when tasks are imported using Microsoft Add-in import where the title contains special characters such as | / *.
• If Task Master is configured to exclude certain days, such as weekends, and the task Start Date and Due Date fall on an excluded date, Task Master will compute that task as a milestone.
• To use the same color for all milestone tasks, you must first select a Choice column and then select the same color for all choices.
• Users cannot add the Web Part into a rich content zone on team sites.
• When printing data from Task Master, the printed version does not use the same colors as the Web Part.
• When the data set in the task list spans several years, the Print option will not display all items in the Gantt view. Limit the dates displayed in the Gantt chart using the Gantt View Display Settings in the tool pane, or zoom out until all items in the Gantt chart can be viewed without scroll bars before printing.
• If you make several view changes quickly and then edit a task using the Edit Item form, Task Master may not accurately set the focus back to the item you were editing when you save it and return to the Task Master Web Part.
• When using the Print feature, clicking Cancel in the Print Settings dialog box also cancels the Print Preview.
• Drag-and-drop functionality in the Gantt chart is limited to dragging a task item to change its schedule and duration.

Current Known Issues:

• When a milestone is changed to a task with the mode using Start Date and Duration with the condition “Increase or decrease duration so the task ends sooner or later but requires the same total work“, if additional resources are added in the Edit Form then the total work is changed. The issue does not occur when using inline editing.
• When a new site collection is created and in the Web Part Settings, a Tasks list is selected instead of the default Bamboo Project Task list. When click “Upgrade Task List”, the error “List ‘Tasks’ is not exist on site”. The needed fields still being added to the list and the Web Part still works.
• The pop-up form for the Assigned To and Assignment Units moves outside of the display when scroll the browser window using the scroll bar.
• Show JavaScript error when editing resource in inline editing. After changing the Assignment Units (such as from 100 to 90), users are required to click Enter before clicking OK.
• In the inline editing, if the pop-up form for the Assigned To and Assignment Units is display pass the right of the Task Master display then the percent value for the Assignment Units column cannot be filled.
• The Web Part sometimes displays the SharePoint error message “An unexpected error has occurred.” Refresh the page using Control + F5 to clear it.
• If the summary task has a predecessor, the start date of a child task will not change based on the due date of the parent task predecessor if the child task has a constraint.
• Gantt bars are not displayed in the Print Preview. The Gantt bars print correctly.
• When Task Master is configured to automatically save changes made to the task list, the Gantt chart may display the wrong % Complete for a task the first time you click Recalculate. Click Recalculate again to see the correct value.
• If a selected summary task is collapsed when you click Show Items, child tasks are not displayed in the filtered view.
• When a task spans multiple days and includes time outside working hours, the task duration bar in the Gantt chart is longer than a task with the same duration that does not include time outside working hours.