This Week in Bamboo (January 12th, 2014 – January 18th, 2014)

At Bamboo, a minor release of Time Tracking and Management Release 1.7 for SharePoint 2010 was released to the storefront this week along with patches of List Bulk Export, Alert Plus and Data-Viewer Web Part. For more info about the minor release of Time Tracking and Management, please check out our Product Manager Announcement blog and see below for a complete list of bug fixes, great new features, limitations and known issues about the new releases.

SA12A Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.7.16

New Features:

• Provide the option in the Timesheet Entry Web Part for users to either collapsing all the Project Name groups or not collapsing.
• Provide the option in the Report Center Web Part for the administrator to give access to users to access the reports.
• Add “View Report” button next to the Date Range for the Report Center. The report does not generate until user clicks on the “View Report” button.
• Add shortcut to the Report Center on the left navigation.

Bug Fixes:

• Shows “No data” error when extracting data using the date range and the selected start date for the date range falls in the period where no time was submitted.
• Show “No data” error when extracting data using the date range and the selected end date for the date range falls in the period where no time was submitted.
• Date column does not display based on the regional settings, e.g. Monday 12/23 instead of Monday 23/12.
• When accessing the timesheets under the Timesheet Entry, Time Tracking and Management displays the administrative time with duplicate records for some users.

Known Issues:

• When there are a lot of resources and projects, the reports which contain the chart and the grid are very wide. The workaround is too narrow down the data filtering or select to not showing the chart.
• After a report with big data is shown on customer’s template site, JavaScript error appears when doing anything (as export to excel, …) in header tool on that report.
• After a report with big data is shown on customer’s template site, an error appears when paging about 20 items per page.
• In the language files for the Alert Plus Web Part, if you modify text to a value that includes a space, such as changing “Edit” to “Edit Message”, a JavaScript error is displayed in the browser. This issue will be addressed in the next patch release.
• When accessing the site using HTTPS, clicking the “Preview Data” button in List Rollup Schema Designer in the “Configure task lists” Control Panel page will display a JavaScript error in the browser. This issue will be addressed in the next patch release.
• If you access the “Configure alerts” Control Panel page (AlertSetup.aspx) to configure alerts and have not installed and configured the Alert Plus Timer Job, the following error is displayed: “OnPreRender:: Could not load file or assembly ‘Bamboo.AlertPlus.Backend…”. KB.12690 for PM Central describes a similar error and how to remedy it.

• Grouping is case-insensitive in Report Center reports. For example, in a report that groups timesheet data project, data from two different projects with names “Project A” and “project a” will be grouped together.
• When adding views to the Report Views field for an item in the Report Configuration list, view names are case-sensitive. For example, “Approved Timesheets” and “approved timesheets” are not the same. The text must match the view name configured in the Timesheets list exactly.

HW33 List Bulk Export for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Release

Bug Fixes:

• If the SharePoint environment for the regional setting of the source list is United Kingdom, versioning settings of the document library is “Create major versions”, and a document file in the list is modified in multiple versions, List Bulk Export shows error: “String was not recognized as a valid Date Time” when attempting to export.

HW05 Alert Plus for SharePoint 2010 Release 3.2.132

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed cross site scripting issue.
• Email not sent to all addresses in a list view if “Item Limit” setting in that view is modified.
• JavaScript error on a publishing page when editing an alert.
• Email not sent when CAML query created the Criteria Builder uses a comparison of less than or greater than.
New Limitations:
• Email not sent when an alert is run on an Approval Workflow list Status column.
• Cannot start a workflow on recurring items.

HW37 Data-Viewer Web Part for SharePoint 2013 Release 

Bug Fixes:

• A list at a subsite contains a lookup column where it is a content type with a lookup to the root site. When using Data-Viewer and modify the value for this column in the datasheet mode, Data-Viewer shows error: “Get SP List Error- List Name is empty.”.
• When the data source is List Rollup and the column of type Person or Group contains multiple values, Data-Viewer does not display data correctly for the grouping when grouped this column.


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