This Week in Bamboo (December 14th, 2014 – December 20th, 2014)

At Bamboo, a major release of Calendar Plus Web Part Release 4.6 for SharePoint 2010 was released to the storefront this week with many new improved features and many resolved bugs. Please check out our store and see below for a complete list of the new release.

HW20 Calendar Plus Web Part for SharePoint 2010 Release 4.6.96

New Features:

  • Change the text color in color-coded columns.
  • Export a calendar event in iCalendar format (.ics) using the right-click context menu.
  • Option to set the length of delay, in milliseconds, before displaying the tooltip.
  • Define the placement of Calendar Names and Calendar Columns displayed in the bottom legend location as a Row (horizontally) or Column (vertically).
  • Dynamically filter the calendar interface through the checkbox selection in the legend (Filter List Setting must be enabled).
  • Ability to apply custom style settings to the tool-tip display using CSS.
  • Expand and collapse legend values.
  • Gantt View Improvements:
    • Set the Gantt timescale to Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year
    • Change the default Gantt start date to Today, Current Month, Current Year, or a specific Start and End Date
    • Option to display the week number in the Quarter and Week timescales
    • Non-working days are highlighted in the Gantt chart display
    • Gantt View display columns remain fixed while scrolling

Bug Fixes:

  • Extra bottom padding is added when the height is set to fit the web part zone.
  • Long strings of text are cropped in the tool-tip display.
  • Multiple concurrent events expand the width of the day column in the Work Week View.
  • Switching from the Quarter view to Day, Week, Work Week, or Month view changes the date to the starting month of the Quarter View.
  • Items marked as All Day Events are not displayed at the top of the Day and Work Week views.

Known Issues:

  • Upgrading Calendar Plus Web Part from version 4.5 to version 4.6 causes a JavaScript error and the Web Part settings are not accessible. (WORKAROUND: After upgrading to Calendar Plus R4.6, please clear the browser cache [Ctrl+F5]).
  • Calculated, Choice, Lookup, Multiple Person or Group, Multiple Lines of Text, and ID columns may not be supported when specifying the filter conditions from the Web Part settings or when configuring Web Part connections.
  • ‘Between’, ‘Not Between’, ‘is empty’, and ‘is not empty’ operators do not function when specifying Filter Conditions in the Data Source Settings.
  • Selecting ‘Go to Date’ or ‘New Item’ from the Gantt View toolbar may cause scrollbars to appear.
  • Calendar Names displayed in the Legend are persistent with no correlating events appearing on the calendar interface.
  • Custom column values may not appear in the Gantt View interface.
  • Events beginning at 11:00 PM and ending the next day at 12:00 AM are not displayed on the second day of the Day View.
  • Connecting Bamboo List Filter Web Part to Calendar Plus Web Part is only supported with SharePoint List or Library or Bamboo List Rollup data sources.


  • Multiple Lines of Text columns are displayed in a single row in the Gantt View interface.
  • Multiple concurrent events may not be evenly divided within the same-day column in the Work Week View.
  • Tooltip delays are not supported in the Gantt View.
  • All Day Events, Multiple Line of Text, Calculated, Attachments, Recurrence, Hyperlink, Workspace, and ID columns are not supported when configuring web part connections with List Filter Web Part.
  • Gantt View can only display a single SharePoint List or Library.
  • New Adding additional column values requires assigning color from the Item Identification setting for them to appear in the legend display.

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