This Week in Bamboo (August 8th, 2010 – August 14th, 2010)

If you are interested in our SharePoint 2010 products, check out our storefront this week for more releases.  At Bamboo this week we rolled out another set of SharePoint 2010 products and released some patches for our SharePoint 2007 products.  For more details about the list of new releases, patches and bugs fixed, please see below.

SharePoint 2007 Products:

Patch Update:

HW11A List Search Simple Web Part (R1.8.37)

Bug Fixed:

• Show presence for user when people column does not have the presence enabled on that column.
• Error "Input string was not in a correct format" when searching. 
• When adding the list search web part to a FORMS library, the type icon looks different.

HW37 Data-Viewer Web Part (R3.1.29)

Bug Fixed:

• Error with filtering on SQL datetime datatype format, dd/mm/yyy hh:ss:ms
• Error when connect to a SQL table and the Column Name contains a comma ","

HW41H Bamboo Custom Identifier (R1.0.34)

Bug Fixed:

• New licensing to support Bamboo Ultimate Suite and Bamboo Project Management Suite.

HW41AB Bamboo Lookup Selector (R1.3.22)

Bug Fixed:

•  Issues when looking up to a column in a content type associated with a doc library.
• The column doesn't save the value that is selected. A value that ranks highest in the alphabet is saved.
• Dependent Lookup doesn't work properly with multiple values.
• Lookup doesn't save value if site created from a template.  Note: After site is created users need to go to the list settings and click OK button to save new settings in the list.

HW27 Chart Plus Web Part (R2.5.22)

Bug Fixed:

• Web part does not update data to show in chart for other users. 
• Cannot sum value correctly when the Locale of "Regional setting" for the site is not English.

HW69 SharePoint Video Library (R1.2.7)

Bug Fixed:

• Issue with embed video overlays, including pop-ups.

SharePoint 2010 Products:

New Release:

The following products have the same release notes:

1. HW40 My Alert Organizer R1.4.40
2. HW09 Cross List Web Part R1.5.6
3. HW11AB List Search Pack R1.8 includes: HW11A List Search Simple Web Part and HW11B List Search Advanced Web Part.
4. HW39 Alert Administrator R1.4.30
5. HW22 Mini-Calendar Web Part R2.7.11
6. HW34 SharePoint Team Calendar R1.5.11
7. HW61 SharePoint Filters Collection R1.3.12
8. PB10 Bamboo Project Management Suite for SharePoint 2010. 


• Initial release on SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010.


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