This Week in Bamboo (August 19th, 2012 – August 25th, 2012)

At Bamboo this week, we resolved many customer issues and released the following patches: Workflow Conductor, List Search Simple, Alerts Administrator, Lookup Selector Column, Column Level Security and Cross-Site Display Web Part. We added new feature on latest release of List Search Simple for both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 versions.  Please check out those new features and review the list below for more details about the patches of this week.

SA08 Workflow Conductor for SharePoint 2010 Release 2.5.2


• Workflow Conductor has been successfully tested in Web garden environments. Using Workflow Conductor with Web gardens requires that the session state service is enabled. For more information, see the following article:

Bug Fixes:

• Removed the requirement to disable UAC Admin Approval Mode in Windows Server 2008 for Workflow Conductor installation and when using the Simple Publishing Method for workflow deployment (still required for older Solution Deployment Method).
• Resolved error when using Start Another Workflow in as part of some Request Approval processes.
• SharePoint lookup columns in sub-sites are now available as drop-down selections in widgets and standard Workflow Conductor lookups.
• Set field value widget now shows the values for a field when selecting a SharePoint lookup field in sub-site.
• Line breaks now show correctly in the Description field for the Request Approval widget.
• Resolved issue where Studio diagram could become grayed out when using a large number of nested Conditional Branch widgets.

• The Web Application feature Bamboo Workflow Conductor Web.config Modifications V2.5 may need to be deactivated and reactivated after Central Admin after upgrading from a previous version.

HW11A List Search Simple Web Part for SharePoint 2007 (2.1.89) and SharePoint 2010 (2.1.132)

New Features:

• Option to auto-fill search criteria column with default value now supports columns of type Choice (Drop-Down Menu or Radio Button modes).

Bug Fixes:

• Unable to modify the CSS of the drop-down menu controls in the search criteria when customizing the CSS.
• The Enter key does not invoke search on all criteria fields.
• The search criterion “Search in all columns” does not return data when the option “Include document content” is not selected in the Web Part configuration.

No New Known Issues and Limitations.

HW39 Alerts Administrator for SharePoint 2010 (1.4.52)

Bug Fixes:

• If the SharePoint Alerts template file (alerttemplates.xml) is modified, alerts created with Alerts Administrator does not reflect the changes.
• In certain cases, after creating a new alert through the “Alert Me” feature in the SharePoint ribbon, Alerts Administrator does not display the newly created alert.

No new Known Issues or Limitations.

HW41AB Lookup Selector Column for SharePoint 2010 (2.3.57)

Bug Fixes:

• When modifying the source list URL of an existing Bamboo Lookup Selector column, the Select List drop-down menu fails to populate.

No new Limitations and Known Issues.

HW41G Column Level Security for SharePoint 2007 (1.3.27) and SharePoint 2010 (1.3.34)

SharePoint 2007 (1.3.27)

Bug Fixes:

• Copying Column Level Security column to another list does fails when using Bamboo Workflow Conductor.
• Resolve certain cases where users with either Read or Edit rights, could not complete the actions they were granted to.

No new Known Issues and Limitations.

SharePoint 2010 (1.3.34)

Bug Fixes:

• Internal bug fixes.
• Resolve certain cases where users with either Read or Edit rights, could not complete the actions they were granted to.

No new Known Issues and Limitations.

HW63 Cross-Site Display Web Part for SharePoint 2010 (1.2.17)

Bug Fixes:

• SharePoint Rating column fails to display correctly in Cross-Site Display Web Part.

No new Known Issues and Limitations.


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