This Week in Bamboo (April 18th, 2010 – April 24th, 2010)

If you like our Project Management Central now, you will be in love with the latest release, version 1.8.   Want to know why? Check out the new features of Project Management Central (R1.8) and read about its improvemed performance and page load times.  See more details on our Product Manager Announcement blog

Also this week, we fixed some bugs and released patches for the following products: List Search Simple Web Part, List Advanced Search Web Part, Chart Plus Web Part, SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard, and Bamboo KPI Column.  More information on all of the changes can be found below, along with new features, bug fixes and known issues related to additional products. 

HW11A List Search Simple Web Part (R1.8.26)

Bug Fixed:

  • The search result returned data incorrectly for date column search.

HW11B List Search Advanced Web Part (1.8.15)

Bug Fixed:

  • Advance search date picker does not use the one set in Regional Settings.

HW27 Chart Plus Web Part (R2.5.15)


  • Load data for Chart asynchronous.
  • A generic page error "an error occurred when previewing the web part" occur when preview chart web part in the Web Part Gallery.

SA35 SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard (R1.8.10)


  • Loading data asynchronous to improve page responses.

HW41J Bamboo KPI Column (R1.3.17)

SA12 SharePoint Project Management Central (R1.8)


  • Loads data asynchronous on some key aspx pages to improve performance in page load time.
  • Replaced SharePoint Data View Web Part with Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part to display data in such areas as Project Summary, Project Info, My Project, etc.
  • Replaced "URL" with "Site Path" in the portfolio site's Project Summary.
  • When a new project is added, the default project site template has no seed data.
  •  In the All Tasks tab, the SharePoint Task Master tool pane uses 2010 as the default for all intervals.

Bug Fixed:

  • Add % Complete column to some of the Data-Viewer Web Parts on the portfolio site to enable inline editing.
  • When upgrading from R1.5 to R1.7 with old projects, the existing projects' task items did not update to reflect the new project name. As a result, these projects did not display records under Resource Allocation & Capacity Planning.
  • A negative value was displayed in the Resource Work by Project report for German sites.
  • Resource Assignments under the project site's Resource tab did not show all the assignments if the Tasks list's Gantt View was set to a smaller number.
  • When a project site was deleted, the Project Portfolio Dashboard list still retained the record for that project due to a bug in the Data Mapping Web Part.
  • The Configuration Checklists were not reliable because there were extra tasks that users had to complete. Users do not have to complete those tasks because they relate to older versions. The wording for some tasks was changed for clarity. 
  • A project site was created when system resources (e.g. CPU) were low. The site creation process was not completed, and the project name of that site was empty. Therefore, the Bamboo Update Summary List timer job used that site to create a new item in the Summary List every 10 minutes.
  • After an upgrade, when a new Web Application was created from Central Administration, the project name for individual task items was not populated; therefore, the resources report did not return any records. In the new version, the Bamboo Update Summary Project List and the Bamboo Update Task, Issues, Project Health Lists timer job are displayed in the Central Administration Web Application feature. This allows users to create new timer jobs for new Web Applications.
  • There was a data validation problem in the Reporting tab under Resource Task Timeline. Users could enter text in the Date/Time field, which resulted in a "System.NullReferenceException:Object Reference not set to an instance of an object…" error. 
  • When users selected a custom color and clicked the Save button, they received a message stating "Do you want to close this window?" instead of "Do you want to save?" The new version displays the correct message with OK and Cancel buttons.
  • When users click on the custom color directly, the system should display the message "Please select Project." In the application, the system displays the popup window to select the custom color where the Select Color drop-down is missing.
  • When the Data-Viewer Web Part was used to display the data from the List Rollup Web Part, clicking on the header to sort resulted in an error.
  • The Add New Item image was missing when all objectives were deleted.
  • The Bamboo MS Project Add-In was changed so that all users can use the add-in after the install without doing multiple installs for different accounts. Prior to this, users needed to install the add-in for each user.
  • When using the MS Project Add-In, selecting Automatic Map with Bamboo Project Task List imported the tasks in the Tasks list instead importing them in the Bamboo Project Task List for the SharePoint Task Master Web Part.
  • When using the MS Project Add-In, the mapped fields could not be used for another import. This is fixed, and those mapped fields can be reused in the next import. See KB.12376 for more information.
  • Creating a new resource in a project by selecting the resource from the Enterprise Resource Pool at the portfolio level did not populate contact fields such as phone number, address, e-mail address, etc.  

New Known Issues:

  • Event Manager error: "Could not load file or assembly 'Bamboo.ProjectCentral.FeatureReceivers, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2cc91efae2d531be' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." This only happens when customers upgrade from R1.5 to a later version. The feature assembly was removed prior to the feature uninstalling process, and the error appears in the Event Viewer. It should not affect PM Central functionalities.

Note:  List Search Web Part (contains List Search Simple Web Part and List Search Advanced Web Part) and Chart Plus Revolution Pack (contains Chart Plus Web Part and List Rollup Web Part).  Therefore, the packs contain the latest updates.