This Week in Bamboo (April 11th – April 17th, 2010)

This week we rolled out a minor enhancement to our desktop application System Log Manager. See the release announcement blog post by product owner, Jeff Kozloff for more details. We also fixed some bugs for Alert Plus, Password Expiration Web Part, List Rollup Web Part, Bamboo Lookup Selector and Bamboo Visual Indicator.  At the same time, we released the patch for Data-Viewer Web Part with new features which allow users to use List View for Filtering in SharePoint Mode.  More information about new features and bug fixes can be found below.
HW05 Alert Plus (R2.8.25)

Bug Fixed:

  • Show error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  when dataview does not have any items. 

Known Issue/Limitation:

  • Alert on recurring item in a calendar list will not send out emails.

HW23 Password Expiration Web Part (R1.5.8)

Bug Fixed:

  • Web part displays "User cannot be found. Please enter a valid username" when connect to a Win2000 AD and login by the AD user.

HW24 List Rollup Web Part (R4.4)

Bug Fixed:

HW37 Data-Viewer Web Part (R3.1)


  • Allow users to use List View for Filtering in SharePoint Mode.
  • Allow to configure default filter using [Me] and [Today] tokens in the tool pane.
  • Allow users to configure Conditional Format Setting using [ME] and [Today] as a value in Conditional Format Setting.

Bug Fixed:

  • Special characters in Column Title tripping up Excel Export the browser tries to download a .html file which contains the error: System.ApplicationException: System.Xml.Xsl.XslLoadException: Expected end of the expression, found '?'.
  •  Sort where data source is using List Rollup resulted in error: OnLoad: Cannot find column Assigned To.  

Current Limitations & Known Issues:

  • Sorting or Group for Hyperlink or calculated column will not be correct.
  • Clicking on next page hyperlink will show error message while the grouping is expanded (if Allow Group option is selected in the tool part). Note: We are posting in Telerik forum to ask them about this issue.
  • Filtering Settings: List Rollup Mode cannot filter with [Me] token for filtering operators: "is not equal to, greater than, less than or equal to". It will work for "equal to" or "contain" operator only.

HW41AB Bamboo Lookup Selector (R1.3.17)

Bug Fixed:

  • Getting error when use relative path on site collection URL. 
  • Invalid Post back error when creating new item.
  • Get the error with the import / export provided by stsadm and with Microsoft Designer 2007 SP2.
  • Dependent Column does not populate data.

HW41D Bamboo Visual Indicator (R1.3.5)

Bug Fixed:

  • Undisposed Objects.

HW43 System Log Manager (R1.2)


  • View real time log data with the System Log Manager Web interface or cached data updated every 30 minutes by default with the Bamboo Log Viewer desktop application.
  • Review server logs from your desktop client with the Bamboo Log Viewer Desktop Application.
  • The Bamboo Log Viewer desktop application uses REST technology and local caching to access and display your log data quickly.
  • New service settings page to configure the data retrieval interval, severities, log file cache size, access account, and servers to retrieve log data from.
  • Now view Bamboo Logs in the System Log Manager Web interface and the desktop application. 
  • Must upgrade Bamboo Web License Manager to 1.2 to activate license for System Log Manager 1.2.

Known Issues/Limitations:

  • Must turn off UAC on Windows 2008 SharePoint servers that host the SharePoint Central Administration.
  • The Bamboo System Log Manager Service Settings page in Central Admin may show an error message. You must configure two local security policies on each SharePoint server that has the SharePoint Central Administration Web Application installed to include the access account you configure in the Bamboo System Log Manager Service Settings. These two local policies are: 
    • Adjust memory quotas for a process.
    •  Replace a process level token
  • If you are using Windows Firewall, make sure that the File and Print Sharing service and the inetinfo.exe program is added and selected on the Exceptions tab of your Windows Firewall settings. These two items must be selected on all servers in your farm that you choose to pull log data from.