The SharePoint Conference Announcement is Here: SPC 2014 Coming to Vegas March 3-6

The wait (and the speculation) is finally over, and it’s now official: Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 will once again take place in fabulous Las Vegas* but, this time around, the action will move from Mandalay Bay over to the Venetian. March 3-6, 2014 are the dates to block in your calendar.

Check out the snazzily animated official (SharePoint, duh) site at, and get yourself signed up to receive updates as they become available.

Then start counting the days, ’cause Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 is coming back to Vegas, ba!

* Boy, the city of Las Vegas and/or the state of Nevada must offer some serious monetary incentives for repeat conference business, huh?  At this point, I guess anytime there’s speculation as to where the next SPC will be held, odds should always be on Vegas.

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