‘The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view…’ Message when Attempting to Edit in Datasheet in SharePoint 2010

Does anybody else out there ever run into this?  I have no idea how prevalent the issue is or if it was just a fluke in my case. Still, shortly after getting a new laptop, I discovered that I could no longer edit lists in Datasheet mode on Bamboo’s SharePoint 2010 portal when I clicked the Edit in Datasheet button on the Ribbon.

Given the range of not one, not two, but three possible sources of the problem (and given that I’d just gotten the new laptop), I asked Brett, Bamboo’s Administrator extraordinaire, if he could help narrow down the source of the problem for me.  He responded in no time flat, suggesting I try installing the 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components. After a super-easy download/install process, I happily edited in Datasheet mode.

So if you’ve come to this post because you see that same message, the same solution may work well for you too.  Good luck!