Take SharePoint Item Identification to the Next Level with the Custom Identifier Column

Are you bored with the ID column provided by SharePoint? Do you want a more flexible identification tool for your SharePoint items? Do you want to include information other than a simple incrementing number? Well, Bamboo Solutions has the solution for you!

Introducing the Bamboo Custom Identifier custom column! Use this column to provide a unique identifier for your tickets in a help desk system, product identifiers, or identifying your customers. Moving a hard copy file system to SharePoint and don’t want to lose your company’s numbering system? The Bamboo Custom Identifier is here to help! With the Bamboo Custom Identifier, you can build the format of an auto-generated ID (That’s right! No user entry is required), including variables such as:

  • Text – A static value that will not change, for example, if you want to identify help desk tickets, you might want to include HD in the front of the identifier.
  • Date/Time – Maybe you want to identify your helpdesk tickets with the date and time the ticket was opened?
  • Existing Column Value – You can also include a secondary column value from the same items in the ID.
  • Site and List Name – Include where the item resides in the portal by using the Site Name and List Name options in your ID.
  • Auto Incremented Number – Go beyond the single digit ID of 1, 10, 100 and set it to show the same number of digits, say 4, all the time: 0001, 0010, 0100.

Do you have a filing system that you want to span across sites? Do you want to maintain the same set of unique values across similar lists? Bamboo Custom Identifier can do that too!

So what are you waiting for? Come give the Bamboo Custom Identifier custom column a try. Like all Bamboo Solution products, give it a test drive and download a 30-day trial today!