SPTechCon: Dux Raymond Sy on Best Practices in Managing SharePoint Projects

With all due respect to the other presenters at SPTechCon, Dux Raymond Sy demonstrated again today that he’s absolutely in a class of his own as a presenter in the SharePoint space.  Simply put, the man is a consummate public speaker, with an ease to his delivery that matches his SharePoint expertise.  As a result, the man just owns any room he’s in front of.

Dux Raymond Sy presenting on Best Practices in Managing SharePoint Projects at SPTechCon Boston 2010How good is he?  Not only did the attendance at his filled-to-capacity session extend to overflow seats in the hall outside the room (!) but, well, let me put it this way: I realized fairly early in his session, Best Practices in Managing SharePoint Projects, that I had seen him present most of the same information under another title at ShareFEST back in the spring … and I was still captivated.  I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll say it again, but folks, if you ever have an opportunity to see Dux speak, don’t pass up the chance.  You can thank me later.

There was a fair amount of new content in today’s presentation, which centered on best practices for in planning for a SharePoint deployment, but since the bulk of it matched that earlier ShareFEST session I mentioned, and since I blogged that previous session, I’m going to ask that you indulge me  making with the clicky and check out my post on Dux’s ShareFEST presenatation, Don’t Curb their Enthusiasm – Navigating the Shift from Local Applications to SharePoint as an Enterprise Platform.  Cheers.

Before you do so, however, let me mention that the content that was new to today’s presentation included some especially choice bits.  The “killer app” of the bunch was an extensively detailed project plan (in Microsoft Project) that Dux has prepared, inclusive of resources identified as PM, IT, etc., and with actual tasks and estimated hours in place for running a successful SharePoint deployment.  Dux makes that project plan, along with his entire slide deck, available to attendees of his session, but I bet if you drop him a line via Twitter (@meetdux) or via his blog, I’d be willing to bet he’d be happy to hook you up too.  Tell him John from Bamboo sent you.

One final note: Dux records his sessions and makes the recordings available (including all slides and demos, of course) via Vimeo.  He’ll probably have this one up on his blog tomorrow, and I’ll try and remember to update this post with a direct link to the video once it’s available.

Updated to add:  Dux has made all of the resources (slides, recorded presentations, and templates) from his three SPTechCon Boston sessions freely available, and the links to view/download are now available here:  Resources from Dux’s SPTechCon 2010 Presentations.


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