SPTechCon 2014: Dux Raymond Sy Facilitates Business-Driven IT by Leading the Responsive Revolution

In his keynote presentation Lead the Responsive Organization Revolution: How to Inspire, Transform,
and Facilitate Business-Driven IT
, Global Vice President of Customer
Strategy and Solutions for AvePoint Dux Raymond Sy shared practical steps that
organizations can take to deliver maximum business value and promote business
driven IT adoption.  Specifically, he
focused on what organizations and individuals can do to be more not only reactive,
but also truly responsive.

Dux began his presentation framing the current situation
we are in with technology.  As he pointed
out, the world today provides us with instant feedback that when properly
leveraged, can be a true competitive advantage for organizations.  We are no longer in the days of the Pony
Express but rather a “connected age” where information moves so rapidly that it
is up to us to figure out what we need to do to not only get work done faster but
also how to serve our customers faster, better, and stronger.

Knowing this, it should come to no surprise that the concept
of the workplace is drastically changing. 
The workforce is more mobile than ever, which means that is time for us
to recognize that #ShiftHappens and subsequently adopt an organizational
strategy that incorporates BYOD, the speed of business, and doing less with more.  So how do we go about facilitating business
driven IT?  Dux has identified three key
things that need to happen:

Be Responsive

Map Business Value

Facilitate Sustainable Adoption

So what can we do to Be
?  For one, as
aforementioned, we need to recognize that the times, they are a changin’ and
unlearn the past and focus on the future. 
This calls for immediate action and the willingness to embrace
responsiveness.  One way this can be done
is creating a new role for your IT department – that of a business
enabler.  IT should focus on how to strategically
respond, formulate, and quickly implement solutions that solve business
problems with success measured lasting adoption.

As for how to Map
Business Value
, your number one priority should be figure out a way to
drive and encourage adoption.   How do we do this?  One thing that definitely needs to happen in
order to successfully map business value is that your organization needs to
stop fearing and instead embrace change. 
This includes recognizing that business matters, not necessarily
IT.  By embracing this shift, organizations
can achieve financial gains, expedite innovation, and derive a higher level of
customer value.

Lastly, in order to facilitate business driven IT, Dux
believes that you need to Facilitate
Sustainable Adoption
.  This includes
ensuring that you establish a lasting buy-in which is paramount to driving
excitement, facilitating change, and empowering and assisting users.  So how do we go about engaging our business
groups to drive sustainable adoption?   
One major thing you can do is to provide contextual training.  This can be successfully accomplished
ensuring that training is relevant, keeping training interactive, and giving
homework in order to encourage participants to apply their learnings.

In the end, the key to facilitating business driven IT is to
rethink how we think and recognize that #ShiftHappens.

Sep 19 2014, 02:41 PM

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