SPC14 Welcome Reception: A Report from the Bamboo Booth

Hello from Las Vegas and SPC14!  Our Bamboo crew made it to Nevada safe and sound, and just in time to miss the big snowstorm on the East Coast. With this in mind, we were even more excited to get our booth set up in preparation to kick things off on Sunday evening with the SPC14 Welcome Reception. It was amazing to see the flurry of events that took place between the initial booth set up on Saturday afternoon to the opening of doors to guests on Sunday evening. Looking around the exhibit hall at times, I thought that it would never actually pull together, but lo and behold, I was proven wrong. What an amazing experience it is to witness SPC from “behind the scenes”!

Fast forward to Sunday evening at 5:59 pm. We were all ready to go, our booth full of t-shirts, pandas, bamboo pens, and enough green to make Kermit the Frog jealous. Our booth just happens to be the very first booth next to the registration hall-facing entrance. So when the clock struck 6, the large garage-style doors opened, and it was an absolutely amazing sight to see the thousands of attendees behind the doors begin rushing into the exhibit hall, ready to start their weeklong SharePoint rally!

I can’t honestly say I remember the first 30 minutes, as we were doing our best just to keep up with the sheer volume of people who were excited to snag one of our famous Bamboo SPC t-shirts or panda bears. But as the initial rush began to calm, we were able to really do what we do best – talk about Bamboo. We had so many current customers stopping -whether it was to see what’s new, to talk about their experience so far, or just to say “I love Bamboo” and say “hi” to our staff-that it felt like a reunion. But with as many current customers as we have, it was equally rewarding to hear someone stop and say, “So… tell me about Bamboo Solutions.” For me, as soon as I’d hear that question, my eyes would light up, knowing I would get to tell our story, and potentially help another organization follow the “Bamboo Way” to strengthen their SharePoint experience.

If the rest of the week is anything like the first 3 hours, then I’d say we’re in for a fantastic week. Stay tuned for more stories from Booth #303!