SPC11 Keynote: Jeff Teper on the 3 Guiding Principles Shaping SharePoint

This morning at the SPC, Jeff Teper delivered his keynote on the three guiding principles that have shaped and will continue to shape the development of SharePoint.  Jeff announced early on that it was his wish that all SPC attendees “get the most out of this week so that you never say ‘I didn’t know SharePoint could do that.'”  The three principles Jeff spoke of were redefining collaboration, unleashing the partner/developer ecosystem, and building a world-class platform.

Speaking to the first principle, redefining collaboration, Jeff represented it as consisting of three sub-groups:

  • Microsoft consistently approaches SharePoint from a new perspective, typically focusing on user experience in such a way that “self-service [has been] fundamental to empowering users.”

  • Embracing the social fabric because, in SharePoint, “These sites are not silos… you want a persistent experience across [groups].” Jeff cited Outlook Social Connector as helping to “break down these technology silos.”
  • “Collaboration shouldn’t be just for inside the organization, [and] extending collaboration outside the firewall” to customers and partners is of paramount importance. A video was then shown, demonstrating what SpaceX is doing with SharePoint today but, alas, the video doesn’t appear to be “out there” yet.

Moving on to the principle of unleashing the partner/developer ecosystem, Jeff shared that:

  • Corporate developers in the keynote audience “are among 700,000 developers working on SharePoint around the world” today;
  • With ISVs, there are now “thousands of partners building apps on SharePoint” worldwide;
  • The first update of Office 365 for SharePoint (due at year’s end) will include business connectivity support, read/write capability; and
  • He was proud to announce the creation of the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) Program for SharePoint.

Finally, addressing the principle of building a world-class platform, Jeff said:

  • There are currently “over a thousand people working just on SharePoint R&D” at Microsoft;
  • Dedication to inventing a single platform, to “Build a unified platform in a way that nobody had before” has always been a hallmark of SharePoint development;
  • In order to speak to the notion of SharePoint as a managed platform, he would bring up Richard Riley (Director, SP) to demonstrate scalability and manageability in SharePoint 2010. Starting with hardware configuration, then walking through the logical architecture, showing the 15 million terate-sized databases in SQL, Richard then demonstrated load-balancing with 7,500 users, and showed SQL failover “live on stage” including a full-farm failover in 40 seconds.
  • Jeff returned to point out that “We’re making all this available in the cloud with Office 365,” stating that “We’ve invested in something that you can run, where you want to run it.”

Although Jeff didn’t actually close with the following words (having said them earlier in his presentation), they seem a fitting closer to me, so I’ve saved them as my closer:  “What’s next?”  “This has been the busiest year ever for the SharePoint engineering team, working on the next major release, the biggest release of SharePoint we’ve ever done … we are going to break new ground again.”

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