SharePoint 15 ‘Sneak Peek’ to be Presented at SHARE Conference by Microsoft Product Manager Kristina Kerr

Speculation has been running high regarding the date that the general public will first get its hands on SharePoint 15, and anticipation has now become that much more heated.  As reported by Mary Jo Foley, a screenshot of the Office 15 technical preview has leaked which indicates the existence of a "touch mode" for Office 15 apps.

It's unknown whether it will include a look at touch mode, and it won't entail actually "getting our hands on it," but SharePoint Group Product Manager Kristina Kerr has revealed in a video promoting her session at SHARE: The SharePoint Conference for Business Users the exciting news that she will be providing an exclusive first look at some of the features that are being developed for SharePoint 15.  In the video,, Kristina explains that, "Talking ahead of any disclosures about the next version [of SharePoint] … I'm going to give you a bit of a sneak peek around what some of the development themes are that we're working towards, how we're thinking about the next version, and what are some of the things that are important to us as we move forward and move into a services-based architecture."

Bamboo is the Platinum Sponsor of SHARE: The SharePoint Conference for Business Users, taking place April 23-26 in Atlanta, GA.  Registration is now open.