ShareFEST, the SharePoint Conference for Life Sciences is Coming to Philadelphia April 8-9

ShareFEST Conference logoI noticed in a LinkedIn update earlier this week that our friend and resident expert on SharePoint for Project Management, Dux Raymond Sy would be a speaker at the upcoming ShareFEST Conference in Philadelphia, April 8-9. Somehow this SharePoint conference had previously escaped my notice, but within seconds of visiting the ShareFEST Conference site, I knew that I’d be booking a trip to Philly in early April.

You see, ShareFEST represents a fascinating approach to a SharePoint conference, in that it’s geared towards a specific industry: life sciences. As such, scheduled ShareFEST sessions are packed with life sciences industry leaders presenting SharePoint in Use case studies, in addition to a selection of SharePoint luminaries such as Dux, and Friday’s keynote speaker Mike Gannotti, who will be presenting on “What SharePoint 2010 brings to Life Sciences.”  Thursday keynotes will be delivered by Steve Aylward, General Manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences Group at Microsoft, and Matt Walz, Chief Technology Officer at NextDocs.

Such was my immediate enthusiasm for ShareFEST and what it represents that I’m thrilled to announce that in partnership with NextDocs, Bamboo Nation is now an official media sponsor of the ShareFEST Conference.  Over the coming weeks, we look forward to bringing you guest blogs from conference speakers and, of course, you can expect extensive coverage of the Conference itself right here on the Bamboo Team Blog.  Most importantly, however, if you’re a life science professional using SharePoint, and you can be anywhere in the world on April 8-9, make it Philadelphia and the ShareFEST Conference.

Breaking news!  Dux Raymond Sy announced this morning that he will be joined by Michael Gannotti from 7-8 p.m. EST on Thursday for a live ShareFEST webcast, coinciding with the Conference’s official welcome reception.  Complete details are available at