Rollup Your SharePoint Lists, SQL Tables or Views and Display Grouped Data in Charts & Graphs with the Chart Plus Revolution Pack from Bamboo

Who doesn't like useful, colorful, and informative pictures?  Pictures of what you may ask… why, charts and graphs representing data of course!  Did you know that just a couple of weeks ago, we released the SharePoint 2010-compatible version of our Chart Plus Web Part?  With Chart Plus Web Part, users can quickly connect to a data source and display grouped data in a wide variety of chart and graph styles, such as:

  • Pie Charts

  • Bar Graphs

  • Bubble Charts

  • Area Graphs

  • And oh so much more!

With Chart Plus Web Part, you can present data to management in their preferred form: visualizations!  Chart Plus Web Part not only supports SharePoint Lists as the data source, but also SQL Tables or Views, and legacy data is even available for charting through BDC/BCS connections.

Also exciting is that if you have data across multiple SharePoint sites that you need to present in a single chart, Bamboo has the answer for you: List Rollup Web Part.  With List Rollup Web Part, you can rollup individual lists into a single container that Chart Plus can read from.  Don't want to select each list because there are too many, or sites are added and removed all the time, requiring too much time to maintain?  Well, this is your lucky day, because List Rollup Web Part also has an option to Auto-Discover your lists for you.

Even more exciting is that Bamboo Solutions just launched the SharePoint 2010 version of the Chart Plus Revolution Pack!  The Chart Plus Revolution Pack contains BOTH Chart Plus Web Part and List Rollup Web Part in a single package, saving time and effort.  And the real kicker here is that when you buy the Chart Plus Revolution Pack, these products come with a discounted price.  That's right, if you were to purchase Chart Plus Web Part and List Rollup Web Part separately, it would cost you $1,000.  But with the Chart Plus Revolution Pack, you save 10%, lowering your total cost to just $900.

I don't know about you, but I always enjoy a good discount!  So go ahead and check out the Chart Plus Revolution Pack and save on both the Chart Plus and List Rollup Web Parts.  You won't regret it!