Bamboo Solutions Keeps Rolling Out New Products for Microsoft SharePoint

Bulk import, list rotator Web parts complement and extend the capabilities of Bamboo’s product portfolio.


Bamboo Solutions Corporation, a dynamic technology company helping clients deliver portal applications built on Microsoft SharePoint® technology, today released two new products for SharePoint – Bulk Import and List Rotator. These new products further enhance the growing and comprehensive suite of Bamboo’s products, designed to assist in the adoption of SharePoint as a tool for collaborative workspaces. Coupled with other web parts, even greater functionality can be achieved. The announcement of these two new products is appropriately timed with the first day of the 3-day technical conference on Microsoft SharePoint technologies, the Advisor Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. Bamboo Solutions is exhibiting their latest suite of products at the show where many attendees are interested in learning more about Microsoft SharePoint and complementary technologies. As with all Bamboo Web Parts, these new products support SharePoint Portal Services 2003 (SPS), Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) sites, and the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2007.

The Bulk Import web part is a highly anticipated product, clearly advantageous to any organization that houses large volumes of documents and/or data. Importing legacy documents is often relegated as the last task when creating new applications due to the amount of work involved in uploading individual files and indexing. Often the task remains unfinished. Alternatively, organizations that work with large volumes of data, such as mailing or customer lists, continue to work with data externally because the task of importing is daunting. Unfortunately, the true value of any collaborative application is the data that it stores, so the value of this information is often underestimated. The lack of data can in turn derail an organization’s efforts to successfully gain user acceptance of the new collaborative space. The Bulk Import web part allows users to easily import large volumes of legacy documents and data, so often found from different sources and in different formats, while checking for duplicates and providing proper indexing.

Installed on the client machine, the Bulk Import web part moves existing metadata and documents into new and/or existing SharePoint lists. The wizard guides the user to define how it will check for duplicates (i.e., first name or last name), and even how to update existing information. Running in the background on the pc, the user can continue to work while it is processing. Better yet, the user can schedule it to run at a time that’s convenient for them. This web part works with many lists, including document libraries with full-field mapping, overwrite notifications, and error logging. Common file formats supported include Microsoft Excel files, comma, tab, colon and semicolon-delimited values, text files (.txt) or comma-separated value (.CSV) files.

“Through our web parts, we are able to offer our clients the benefit of our experience in developing collaborative applications. Our Bulk Import web part is a direct result of helping our clients address the problem of large volumes of data and documents. Used in conjunction with our Office to PDF Conversion Business Component, users can not only import large volumes of documents but also create read-only versions all in a few steps. Finally, a way to get legacy documents and sizeable data off your desktop and into a central, secure location without all the headaches,” says Lam Le, Chief Operating Officer, Bamboo Solutions Corporation.

Bamboo’s List Rotator web part simply allows the contents of any SharePoint list to rotate, much like an LED display sign, on any portal page. A variety of customizable effects are available, including the ability to control the speed, direction, and rotation style. List Rotator, along with other web parts from Bamboo such as List Search, Calendar Plus, Hello Web Part, and Password Change are all tools that further make a portal easy to use and provides real-time data to the end-users, ultimately facilitating regular usage and end-user adoption of the portal application.

Bulk Import, List Rotator, and a variety of other web parts are available for immediate purchase and download via Bamboo’s online store ( Additional product information as well as extensive and useful application notes, free trial downloads, FAQs, and user forums can all be found on the Bamboo website.

About Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is a collaborative portal solution that connects people, teams, and information. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 builds on the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services platform to enable organizations to integrate business processes and applications, as well as to provide a full set of collaboration and personalization features for end-users.

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Bamboo Solutions is a leading provider of web parts for Microsoft SharePoint. Thousands of resourceful users worldwide are benefiting from our suite of products to extend and enhance the functionality of their SharePoint applications, thus minimizing development time, effort, and costs. Our comprehensive portfolio of products opens up a world of possibilities for .NET applications. With over 70 million seats worldwide, SharePoint is anticipated to support an increasing variety of complex tasks as organizations proceed with the integration of business processes and applications. Our products are designed to help clients integrate these features and functions that go well beyond the basics of SharePoint. From practical administrative web parts to comprehensive and specialized business components and solutions accelerators, our products are the direct result of 11 years of experience developing collaborative solutions for clients worldwide. Bamboo Solutions is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, USA. For more information, visit


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