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Remote Work Productivity – Stay Connected When You Work From Home

We recently presented a webinar on the topic of working remotely. How could we not in a time like this when almost everyone is working from home? Take a look at the video above if you’re a video consumer… But the gist is that there’s a thing going on in the world today that may fundamentally shift how we view work environments and working from home forever. Microsoft Office 365, as a suite of solutions, has the bases covered to keep you and your teams productive and working from home, efficient, and secure when you work from anywhere in the world.

Remote work is a type of flexible working, which means you aren’t commuting into an office every day and can also be referred to as ‘working from home’. Remote working means working from anywhere.

COVID-19 has debilitated the globe in many ways. The day-to-day office life has been re-wired to all virtual interactions. Some office workers are changing their working hours because they now have to work from home in a different time zone, which could lead to lower productivity. Conferences and major gatherings around the world in the technology space have been suspended, canceled, moved to virtual events, or to a later time. It’s been an impressive exhibit of social and personal agility and adaptiveness pushed upon the masses. Online you’ll find an amazing amount of content on best practices, tools to use, and step-by-step instructions to get yourself set up for success while working remotely. Microsoft has even begun giving Microsoft Teams, their collaboration and communication software, away for a period of time so employees who didn’t have the licensing or access to such tools, could jump on board and get started when they work from home. This could be huge when employees work from home and don’t have the same resources at home as they do in the office. 

In this webinar, we touch on how there are four challenges that remote workers face. Access, Connectivity, Flexibility, and Built-in Security. By leveraging just a few of the products provided to you as a user of Office 365, you can meet each of those challenges without any productivity issues while working from home. By using the four products that we cover in the webinar, you’ll find yourself with access to your key assets from anywhere you work and on any device, behind some of the most secure solutions on the planet.

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