Project Management Central 4.3, Part 1: How to Use the New Risk Chart for a Project Site

Project Management Central 4.3 features a robust risk charting feature. In this post, I will illustrate how to create a risk list and view the list using the new risk chart.

1. Create New Project from Create New Project/Department Button.

2. Enter the name of the project under Title. In this example, the name of the project’s site is ProjectSiteDemo. Click Create Button to create the project site.

3. On your site, click Central Actions, select Lists, then select Risks List.

4. In All Risk Items, click Add a new item to input values for columns.

5. Set Status and Phase Status columns to Active. Click Save.

6. Click the Issues and Risks tab then select the Risks tab.

7. Hover over the Risk Chart to view values.

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