PowerShell script: Creating a Tasks List using various items

Sometimes it’s necessary to create a Tasks List using various items for the sake of testing with a Software Product. This can take up a lot of valuable time. For example, if Quick Edit is used to create data, you are limited to dragging one item to be copied rather than using multiform data. Here’s a simpler and quicker way to do things.

Get the file code: CreateItemsforTasksList.ps1

How does it work?

Download: CreateItemsforTasksList.ps1

First of all, make sure you change account names in this line in the file above.

Step 1: Run CreateListswithType.sp1 file with PowerShell.

Step 2: Input your chosen parameters as pictured below and click Enter.

Step 3: The PowerShell script will show the results while creating the lists.

Step 4: Go to your site to check out the final results.