PMXPO 2014: Because One Show in April Just Isn’t Enough

With half of our sales team and a third of our blogging force relaxing away their days at SPTechCon, we here at Bamboo HQ are gearing up for PMXPO 2014. Thursday the 24th is a day devoted to all things project management. This virtual conference and exhibition has attracted over 11,000 attendees and will offer sessions on all aspects of project management. Keynoted by Bill Rosemann, Creative Director at Marvel Comics, attendees will be able to learn new things, meet new people, and see the latest in project management software and strategy, all from the comfort of their own homes. A great example of this is How Can Technology Help You Do It Right? a session which will be given by Bamboo’s Solutions Director, Julie Auletta. As a follow-on to last year’s presentation that discussed strategies for improving project performance through Project Portfolio Management, this short session will cover a few tips for improving project performance by leveraging technology. Specifically, utilizing Microsoft SharePoint-based tools to enforce standards and create awareness.

Registration for PMXPO 2014 is free and you PMPs will be happy to see you can earn PDUs. There is really no excuse to not sign up and at least come say hi to us!