Using PM Central as Work Management Software

The primary objective of Bamboo’s Project Management Central application is to facilitate project management using SharePoint. Some organizations, however, only need to track work, and this functionality is certainly among PM Central’s many features.  Some examples include:

  • Finding Resources who are available for the work request
  • Tasks are derived based on the work estimate the person who owns that task
  • Using My Work view instead of My Tasks view
  • Viewing Work grouped the Workers or Assignees

Here are some of the ways you can use PM Central for work management:

1. Find Resources

In this case, I’m looking for Joan’s availability:

2. Work is entered based on the assignee’s estimate:


3. The team member can look at their work via My Work:


4. The manager or the team can look at the team’s work and status as well as the latest update:

Want to see for yourself what Bamboo Project Management Central® can do for your organization?  PM Central is available to you in a private or public sandbox environment, or as a 30-day free trial download, and we invite you to evaluate the application at your convenience.