PM Central Mobile Is Coming! (Eventually)

At the end of 2009, Bamboo Solutions announced a strategic partnership with H3 Solutions.  At the heart of this alliance is H3’s exciting new development framework for mobile SharePoint applications, Mobile Entree.  I am personally very optimistic about the capabilities of Mobile Entree. Mobile Entree solves so many problems for anyone interested in building mobile applications for SharePoint, most impressively the issue of cross-device compatibility.  Mobile Entree is going to be a very big deal, and frankly, I expect Microsoft to acquire the technology at some point in the near future.  If you haven’t heard about Mobile Entree, go back and read my post SharePoint as a Platform for Mobile Applications – Effortlessly Extend Functionality to iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile & More.

One of the first fruits of our alliance with H3 is a mobile interface for Bamboo’s project management solution for SharePoint, PM Central.  To accelerate the delivery of the mobile version of PM Central, the team at H3 actually built the mobile app for us.  We jointly showcased the new product at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas back in October.  We heard a lot of interest and excitement

So, you may be wondering, when will I finally be able to purchase PMC Mobile?

I regret to admit that the hold-up is here at Bamboo. We’ve had a significant amount of work to do to package and license the mobile components. Candidly, other product priorities have gotten in the way and we’ve had to slip the schedule more than once. It’s definitely not that we don’t think this is important, and we know that existing users of PM Central are eager to get their hands on the new product. There’s really just a lot going on.

Anyway, our friends at H3 are getting a bit impatient. I got the following cartoon from them via email this morning. Yes, the characters are a straight-up rip-off of Terrence & Phillip, but I was mildly amused nonetheless.

I wanted to take the opportunity to reassure everyone that PM Central Mobile is coming. Currently, it’s looking like a mid-April delivery. We hope to be offering the product for purchase by the time we go to the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London. H3 will be with us at our booth at the show.

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