Bamboo Solutions Releases the First of its SharePoint Business Components

Office to PDF Conversion Business Component provides background conversion of office documents to Adobe® PDF format, protecting sensitive information.


Bamboo Solutions Corporation, a dynamic technology company that is helping clients deliver websites and portal applications built on Microsoft SharePoint® technology, today released the first of its Business Components for Microsoft® SharePoint® Technologies – the Office to PDF Conversion Business Component. Expanding upon their current Web Part offerings, the new Business Components line will solve SharePoint portal users’ needs beyond basic administrative and/or user facilitation. They extend the basic capabilities of SharePoint to include functionality more commonly associated with comprehensive information management systems.

The Office to PDF Business Component is specifically designed to address the needs of SharePoint users who use the Microsoft Office suite to create their business documents. It also supports the conversion of dozens of other common office file formats. These office applications, used in conjunction with SharePoint, provide an excellent way to store and share information. Currently, however, the job of controlling access to the latest version and/or “read-only” versions of a document is often relegated to the document editor. For companies that need to regulate access to sensitive and/or timely documents, this can become cumbersome for an editor and a business liability. The Office to PDF Business Component allows the portal administrator to designate a mirror to a master SharePoint document library where documents in the master are converted in the background to PDF. This offers the ability to provide a “read-only” view of the library to certain types of portal users. Used in conjunction with SharePoint version control, an administrator can indicate whether the most current version of a document (versus all documents) should be converted. This enables you to house all versions of documents in the master library, but limits “read-only” access to the latest version.

“Today, if you only want to allow a certain group of users access to a “read-only” copy of a document, you have to manually convert that document to Adobe® PDF format outside of SharePoint and then upload it to a document library that was created specifically for public viewing. The Office to PDF Conversion Business Component practically eliminates these extra steps while securing document validity. It’s a time saver for both document editors and portal administrators. In addition, it helps secure your business content,” says Dani McClellan, SharePoint Product Manager, Bamboo Solutions Corporation.

The Office to PDF Conversion Business Component is available for immediate purchase and download via Bamboo’s online store ( A complete list of the supported file formats can be found on the Bamboo website.

About Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2003 is a collaborative portal solution that connects people, teams, and information. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 builds on the Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint Services platform to enable organizations to integrate business processes and applications, as well as to provide a full set of collaboration and personalization features for end-users.

About Bamboo Solutions

Bamboo Solutions Corporation is a dynamic technology company that is helping our clients deliver websites and portal applications built on Microsoft® SharePoint® technology. With over 40 million seats worldwide, SharePoint is anticipated to support an increasing variety of complex tasks as organizations proceed with the integration of business processes and applications. Our products are designed to help clients integrate these features and functions that go well beyond the basics of SharePoint. From practical administrative web parts to comprehensive and specialized business components and solutions accelerators, our products are the direct result of 11 years of experience developing collaborative solutions for clients worldwide. Bamboo Solutions is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, USA. For more information, visit