New Releases Coming Your Way

September is off to a busy start, here at Bamboo Solutions. We have two exciting product updates to share with you: List Search Simple 2.5 and Discussion Board Plus 2.5. We know these will give you a handy productivity boost, as the last stretch of the year is approaching.

List Search Simple 2.5 now offers enhanced search functionality highlighting search terms and keywords in the result set. It also allows you to select a list view at runtime, so you can determine which columns appear in the search results. Additionally, we implemented a SharePoint® callout menu for searching within your document libraries; fill-in choice column values populate in the dropdown selection options, and we improved keyboard navigation and accessibility support for the Choice and Lookup column search fields.

To learn more, visit the List Search Simple product page. Our List Search Simple release is only the beginning. The latest release of Discussion Board Plus 2.5 takes SharePoint discussion boards to the next level with an improved user-friendly interface. In this release, your discussion boards will inherit your SharePoint site theme, you can add emojis to your topics and replies, and you can create replies to threads and alerts via email.

Also, this web part now has a fully collaborative element between Outlook and SharePoint lists. This will make sending emails to multiple lists in Discussion Boards Plus much easier and with minimal configuration.

Upgrade to the latest version today to get updated data, such as the number of replies, views, and more!
To learn more, visit the Discussion Board Plus product page.