Bamboo Solutions Announces New Model for Community Driven Software and Commercial Product Development for SharePoint

Bamboo Offers SharePoint Developers the Best of Global Collaboration and a Commercial Software Infrastructure to Roll Out Products in Two Weeks to Three Months

Microsoft SharePoint Conference, 2008
March 03, 2008, 08:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bamboo Solutions Corporation today announced a new model for Community-Driven Software and Commercial Product Development for Microsoft SharePoint. Bamboo’s Development Methodology provides users with a transfer of knowledge from Bamboo’s global user community while providing the dependability, quality, reliability, and support of Bamboo’s commercial software development infrastructure. With Bamboo’s model, 40 Web Parts and Solution Accelerators have been brought to market in the last two years. Currently, Bamboo is releasing two new products and two to three-point solutions each month. Bamboo is in booth 706 as a Gold Sponsor in Seattle at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.

Bamboo has one of the world’s largest independent commercial software development teams operating globally and is focused completely on SharePoint. Bamboo employs a recursive software approach to roll out products from concept to market in weeks versus months. This agile development methodology also supports rapid and ongoing product enhancements in order to fulfill client requirements in a timely manner. In addition, the approach maximizes customer collaboration while allowing development creativity, continuous learning, and application of knowledge to new products. Bamboo leverages its own SharePoint-based solutions to share information with its customers and for all project management.

“With the rapid growth of SharePoint, our customer base has expanded to over 3,000 companies over the last two years,” said Michael Tanner, CEO, Bamboo Solutions Corporation. “We saw the need for a significant shift in our software development approach in order to accelerate the introduction of new commercial software products. Our goal is to provide the best community for knowledge transfer, the most experienced development team, and the leading commercial support infrastructure so that our customers can maximize the utility of their SharePoint implementations in record time.”

About Bamboo Solutions

Bamboo Solutions takes an innovative approach to enhancing and extending Microsoft SharePoint solutions. Bamboo provides a suite of Web Parts, Solution Accelerators, and customized products for project management, social networking, business intelligence, portal administration, and content management. In the last two years, over 3,000 customers across 38 countries have utilized Bamboo’s offerings to implement their solutions in record time.

Bamboo’s SharePoint and customer deployment experience, combined with its Development Community, significantly minimizes development time, resources, and costs of deploying collaborative SharePoint applications. Customers can easily try, test, and buy from the online store and gain access to additional resources through Bamboo’s partner network. Bamboo Solutions is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, USA, with offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For more information, visit

SOURCE: BusinessWire