New Major Releases Coming Soon to a SharePoint Near You, Part 1 of 3: Alert Plus

I come bearing exciting news of major releases of three of Bamboo's bestselling Web Parts.  I can't contain my excitement over these imminent releases any longer, and I just have to share the news with Bamboo Nation.

Bamboo Solutions is on the cusp of releasing major updates to three of our most popular products.  SharePoint 2007 releases of the following products are scheduled for release by the end of August, with corresponding SharePoint 2010 versions hot on their heels for release by the end of September:

Today, I am going to provide you with an exclusive sneak peak at the changes coming to Alert Plus with the new release.

For this major release of Alert Plus, our primary focus was on enhancing the reliability and simplicity of the product.  Gone is the old Alert Plus Web Service that required installation on a separate server.  Through a successful Research and Development project by our Engineering team, we now utilize a SharePoint feature called Timer Jobs to drive alerts.

Other improvements to Alert Plus with the new release include:

  • Faster response time when navigating between tabs while building alerts with the Alert Plus Web Part.
  • Improved Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part, an optional Web Part that displays to logged in users which alerts they will be receiving.
  • New control for building the Message Body of alerts being sent out, including Spell Checker, Find and Replace, and Image Manager.

I hope you are as excited as we are for the next generation of Alert Plus!

Tomorrow I will be introducing the highly anticipated Calendar Plus Web Part, Release 4.0, and trust me, Calendar Plus fans, you don't want to miss it!