New Faces of Bamboo: Introducing Miriam Maggi

Editor’s note:  There have been several new additions to the Bamboo team since our last “New Faces” series, so it’s time once again to introduce the new folks to Bamboo Nation.  Next up is Miriam Maggi,  Inside Sales Assistant…

What is your role at Bamboo, and what are your goals for the year?

My role at Bamboo is Inside Sales Assistant for Europe. Together with Gina, the Account Manager for Europe, my goal is to bring our Web Parts to the attention of more and more customers in this part of the world and make the European market for Bamboo grow.

What’s your professional background?

Well,  I come from different experiences in a wide variety of fields, among others, the textile, the health and pharmaceutical industries, and last but not least, the education field. What glues all these experiences together? My enthusiasm and my orientation towards the end user: the Customer!

What prompted you to join the Bamboo team?

As you can guess, I like challenges! I wanted to do something new in a fast growing business and technology is the future, and my new adventure!

What are some of your first impressions of working at Bamboo?

So far my impressions are a dynamic and fast-pace environment where the team works hard to achieve results, and I am glad to be on board  as well!

With over 60 products to learn, do you feel overwhelmed?  What’s your strategy for getting up to speed?

Of course I feel overwhelmed! But I do believe this is exactly the drive to learn all about them! Strategies…Read about the products, hear about them, join webinars, view demos, listen to the customers experiences at the road shows…any other tips?

Other than your deep and abiding love of Web Parts, what interests or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy  a lot of things, being outside in the sun (when possible in the Netherlands ;), swimming, cooking for friends (and eating with them of course!), travelling and staying in touch with friends met around the world!