Bamboo OEMs Its MOSS Project Management Offering

by Barb Mosher Zinck

Bamboo Solutions dedicates itself to providing web parts and applications designed specifically to enrich the SharePoint platform. Just recently, we walked you through their Project Management Suite for SharePoint which offers things like a project management dashboard, team calendaring, and alerting. They are now taking that offering a step further by creating an OEM agreement with TeamDirection to include the Bamboo SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard web part in TeamDirection’s IntelliGantt Add-in for Microsoft Project. This integrated offering is beneficial for those Microsoft customers who use both SharePoint and MS Project 2007 for managing projects.

IntelliGantt Add-In and Bamboo Project Portfolio Dashboard

The IntelliGantt Add-In for MS Project enables project team members to use SharePoint to publish and synchronize project changes outside of MS Project. The add-in includes over 70 custom fields that can be selectively used to define what and how information is displayed within SharePoint.


moss-01 IntelliGantt Add-in


IntelliGantt Add-in

The Bamboo SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard is used to display at-a-glance views of a project’s status, including any milestones. This eases the efforts required by Project Manager to regularly communicate the status of their project to management.


Bamboo Project Portfolio Web Part

John Milan, CEO, TeamDirection and Microsoft SharePoint MVP said “The addition of Bamboo’s Project Portfolio Dashboard addresses the number one request from our clients to be able to provide at-a-glance views of project status for stakeholders and upper management”.

Using the IntelliGantt Add-in

The IntelliGantt Add-in can work with hosted solutions as it’s a desktop application. An additional benefit of being a local install is that it can keep track of changes made offline and merge the updates back to MS Project when users are back online. The combination solution works with both WSS3.0 and MOSS. Find out more information from TeamDirection’s website on this combined offering and how it can make your project run smoother. Find more Bamboo web parts and solution accelerators to make your SharePoint platform work better.