Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 is “Right Around the Corner”

In the wake of SPC12 last November, I wrote a post titled Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2013: To Be or Not to Be? in which I wondered aloud about the likelihood of an SPC taking place in 2013.

We now have our answer, per official communication from Microsoft to sponsors of SPC12 (of which Bamboo, a perennial sponsor of SPC, was certainly one), and though SPC13 is not to be, SharePoint Conference 2014 “is right around the corner,” as stated in the official SPC mail.

For now, that’s all we know for certain, but I think it’s certainly enough to allow for some speculation regarding SPC14.  For starters, I think it’s reasonable to interpret the 2014 date in conjunction with the phrase, “right around the corner,” to point to Q1 of 2014.  If that deduction is on the money, I would further posit a location in the South (for the virtual assurance of nice weather), and based on the staging of TechEd’s past in both cities, I’m going to guess SPC14 will take place in either Orlando or (possibly more likely given the recent SPC’s Disney connection in Anaheim) New Orleans.

Regardless, the official confirmation of the existence of the next SPC is cause for celebration, and the fact that we’ve been led to expect more details to begin surfacing soon is cause for still more.

Which leaves just one question remaining: Right then, who’s making the champagne run? Questions? Contact us!