New Major Release Announcement: List Search Simple Web Part

Microsoft provides some of the most powerful search engines around, including SharePoint Server, Search Server and, most recently, FAST. But what if you want to provide a simple, effective search interface for a specific list or library? Well, you could roll up your sleeves, read about five different Microsoft Search books from your technical library, become an expert in SharePoint Designer and CAML, and ultimately build a new search page… or you could just download Bamboo’s List Search Simple Web Part!

From the same folks who brought you the popular SharePoint add-ons Alert Plus, Calendar Plus Web Part and List Rollup Web Part, Bamboo Solutions is proud to introduce the next major release of List Search Simple Web Part. With the new major release (Release 2.0) of List Search Simple Web Part, quickly connect to a single SharePoint List or Library from within the same site as the List Search Simple Web Part, or across sites or even across site collections. Speaking of selecting a List or Library to search on, you will immediately notice that List Search Simple Web Part now comes with a new configuration interface, making it easier to discover the wealth of options provided List Search Simple Web Part.

Improvements weren’t just limited to the newly enhanced configuration, but also extend to the controls within the Search Criteria.

Column Type Description of Control
Single Line of Text & Multiple Lines of Text

Text box that allows users to search on one or more words or phrases using popular search operators AND/+, OR/[Space} and ” ” (for phrases)
For example, users can search the column Title with the following criteria
= “Jeff jumped over the candle stick”, or
= Jeff AND jumped, or
= Jeff OR red, or combination
= Jeff AND jumped OR red

Choice & Lookup Display a drop down menu of possible values.  Users can select one more value, and List Search Simple will return items that contain one or more of the selected values.
Date and Time

Search for items based on date range. Search results can include items where the date value is:

  • Equal To selected date
  • Before selected date
  • After selected date
  • Between two selected dates
  • Near selected date +/- selected days



Search for items based on a numerical range.  Search results can include items where the Number or Currency value is:

  • Equal To entered number.
  • Less Than entered number
  • Greater Than entered number
  • Between two entered numbers


 Improved flexibility in search criteria weren’t the only improvements List Search Simple Web Part received. Search results got their own set of improvements, including:

  • Retain Search Results. When users click on an item to view additional information, a popup window appears with the display form, maintaining the search results and page position when the user closes the window. 
  • Run-time Sorting.  Users can now re-sort the search results on the fly clicking the column header.
  • Print All Results. Printing will now print all search results, not just the page being viewed.
  • Export Search Results. Users can now export search results to Microsoft Office Excel for further analysis and data manipulation.

New to List Search Simple Web Part and ready to give it a try? Simply open the product page, click the button  found in the product banner at the top of the page and proceed to checkout to receive the free 30-day trial download package.

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