Computer Science Week: How Little Learners Can Educate Adults

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week (Dec 7-13, 2015), Bamboo’s family and friends once again enthusiastically participated in the Hour of Code event hosted by Bamboo Engineering. This year the little learners took on the Minecraft challenge.

I must admit, the challenge seemed deceptively simple. For the first few challenges, they got away with just dragging and dropping a few “Forward” blocks, hitting “Run” and moving to the next level.

But many little learners were sweating the middle levels, where they had to complete the challenge with five blocks – with the help of loop blocks, rather than the twenty-five on screen.

Kids were cranking their brain muscles, collaborating like never before, and – fueled with yummy donuts – all challenges were overcome in no time. It’s amazing to see how young kids collaborate to achieve the results they desire, and how they help each other succeed.

So I’ll leave you with this thought: Let’s use SharePoint to its fullest, so we as adults can collaborate and reach our corporate goals in no time.

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