List Search Simple Web Part User’s Guide: How to Sort Search Results Using the Column Headers

Bamboo’s List Search Simple Web Part provides a broad range of indispensable search features, including the ability to: Select a list to search from a selection of available lists, select the fields to be displayed to the end-user as possible search criteria, select a list view to specify the format and sort order of the search results and customize the look and feel of a list.

In the latest release of List Search Simple Web Part, we’ve added additional filters, as well as the ability to sort search results by using the column headers. In this article, we’ll show you how to configure your Web Part’s settings, as well as walk you through how to use the new filtering and sorting features.

To begin, in the List Search Simple Web Part Settings, go to the Search Criteria Configuration tab.  In this section, you are able to identify the SharePoint list or library to search, as well as define associated search criteria:

  • Site URL Containing the SharePoint List or Library: Enter the site URL that contains a list or library. In this example, we’re using the following site URL: ./
  • Select SharePoint List or Library: From the drop-down, select the list or library that will be searched
  • Search Columns: From the Available Columns list, select the column(s) you would like to be displayed. In this example, we’re using the following columns: Name and Title.

Next, in the List Search Simple Web Part Settings, go to the Search Results Configuration tab. In this section, you are able to define the search result display and user options:

  • Search Result Display: Search results can be displayed using an existing list view or by defining a new view. In this example, we have chosen to use the Use existing list view display option.
  • Available List Views: From the drop-down, select the list view that will be used to display your search results.
  • Search Result Options: Check the features that you would like to activate. Available options include: Display both search criteria and search results, Allow printing of search results, Allow export of search results to Excel, and Enable filtering from column headers.

Under Search Result Display, if you chose to Define custom view options, the configuration page will prompt you to set a number of display criteria including Search Result Columns, Search Result Item Limit, and Search Result Sort Order.

Once you have finished configuring your settings, click Save & Close > Apply > OK to save your settings.

Below is a sample search I did for the term “employee handbook.” For this search, I ONLY searched for items that had “employee handbook” in the Title.  If you wish to search for items that have your term in EITHER the Name or Title, simply enter your term into the Search in all columns for: textbox.

In this search, only one item was returned.  In the event that your search returns more than one item, you are able to further sort and filter your search results by using the available drop-down column headers (i.e., Modified By, Created By, File Size, etc.).

Are you ready to test drive the features detailed above and more?  If so, check out the List Search Web Part product page! Start streamlining list searches on SharePoint now!

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