Bamboo Solutions Announces New Web Part for Managing Data Stored in SharePoint Lists

List Integrity Web Part manages one-to-many relationships, referential checks, and data control.


Bamboo Solutions Corporation, a technology provider specializing in collaborative information management solutions for government and industry, today announced the immediate availability of a new web part for Microsoft® SharePoint® Technologies. The List Integrity Web Part enforces various constraints and performs background “housekeeping” tasks while maintaining referential integrity between SharePoint lists, currently a cumbersome and ambiguous task.

SharePoint lists, as they are designed today, can be linked using a “lookup” field, where one list can refer to data from another list, thus supporting what most people call a 1:N (one-to-many) relationship. This lookup capability allows developers to easily architect information using the familiar relational approach. In a standard SharePoint environment, managing the relationship between different lists is left to the end-user, often leaving data unidentified or orphaned during basic list operations.

The List Integrity Web Part allows for a referential integrity relationship between two data sets to be defined much like a traditional database defines relationships between tables. It then enforces (based on user selections) various constraints and performs background “housekeeping” tasks to maintain the relationship automatically.

Specifically, the List Integrity Web Part allows users to:

  • Easily create an item in the secondary list from a menu option in the primary list. This automatically sets the appropriate value of the common field. It adds a useful level of control if configured so users are restricted to creating secondary list items related to only the primary list items they have access to.
  • The Cascading Delete setting can be configured to prevent the deletion of primary list items if associated items exist in the secondary list or to delete all associated secondary list items when a primary list item is deleted.
  • Secondary list forms can be customized to display fields from the primary list in addition to the common field that defines the relationship.

The List Integrity Web Part is available for immediate purchase and downloads via Bamboo’s online store (

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