KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2016

Sep 1, 2016

This article appears in the issue of September 2016, Trend-Setting Products 2016 [Volume 25, Issue 8]

Movie director Frank Capra is said to have given this advice to aspiring filmmakers: “Don’t follow trends, start them!”

Each year we look for software products that break new territory in helping organizations achieve their knowledge management goals. We look for products that are designed, developed, and perfectly timed to fill a niche in the marketplace before users are even aware that such functionality and flexibility have been missing.

Designated as the KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2016, the offerings listed here hold promise for the marketplace—even if the marketplace has not yet realized it. Rather than follow strict criteria, our collaborative judging panel agrees that such characteristics as usefulness, scalability, and level of innovation are among the most valuable components. And the panel believes that timing is key: Too late in the market and competitors already have a foothold. Too early and customers are nowhere to be found.

The choice is never easy but we give the list of Trend-Setting Products our best attempt each year, knowing that we cannot include all the deserving products that are available.

Further descriptions of selected Trend-Setting Products follow and also begin on page 16, KMWorld, Volume 25, Issue 8.

  • ABBYY USA: Compreno — language-based technology for smart business process applications, understands contextualized word meanings, facts, and storylines within the business-critical text. Click here for more product details.
  • Accellion: kiteworks — file sharing platform that enables secure collaboration with internal and external parties, enforces data sovereignty for global deployments, and offers enterprise REST APIs and Mobile SDKs for the rapid development of custom enterprise applications.
  • Access Innovations: Data Harmony Version 3.11 — features significant enhancements and new capabilities throughout the software suite to greatly improve editorial efficiency through changes to functionality and overall clarity. Click here for more product details.
  • Accusoft: PrizmDoc Version 11.0 — a new version of the document and image processing product that includes additional features that help developers accelerate product releases and provide enterprise clients with streamlined document workflows.
  • Actiance: Actiance Platform — a cloud-based, unified platform for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, aimed at helping organizations deal with new and existing regulatory retention and security and privacy requirements.
  • Adlib Software: Content Elevation Process — a re-engineered approach to content management that enables organizations to extract, understand, and action the value locked in their content. Click here for more product details.
  • Adobe: Adobe Marketing Cloud — enables marketers to make their campaigns faster, smarter, and more personalized when their data, software, and services are part of an integrated suite.
  • AgilePoint: AgilePoint NX — a process-focused, low-code application platform as a service that can be consumed as a multitenant, public, or private cloud offering.
  • Alteryx: Alteryx Analytics 10.5 — a new version of its self-service data analytics solution that offers support for a greater variety of data platforms and allows business users to achieve insights in hours.
  • Aptean: ERP Solution Suite — extended to enterprise asset management with the acquisition of AssetPoint, a provider of computerized maintenance management software and enterprise asset management solutions.
  • ASG Technologies: Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution — enhances business agility for faster decision-making, improves response time and accuracy for better compliance, and automates impact analysis for smarter business strategy. Click here for more product details.
  • Attivio: Attivio 5.0 — a data discovery software platform designed to accelerate business intelligence and big data projects by reducing the time it takes to profile, identify and unify relevant data for analysis, from weeks or months to minutes.
  • AvePoint: DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack (SP) 8 — provides a single governance system that allows businesses to manage the latest SharePoint versions, including SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online.
  • BA Insight: Expertise Locator — out-of-the-box software used to identify and engage with relevant experts within an organization, immediately enabling employees to take advantage of their company’s collective intelligence. Click here for more product details.
  • Bamboo Solutions: SharePoint 2016 products — enable organizations to use practical, effective business applications specifically built for SharePoint 2016, along with a portfolio covering a broad spectrum of communication and collaboration needs.
  • Beezy: Enterprise Collaboration Solution for SharePoint and Office 365 — with new capabilities through integration with Microsoft’s Office Graph that provides a faster, more personalized experience within the Beezy collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Box: Enterprise File Sync and Share Platform — a content platform that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.
  • BP Logix: Process Director 4 — low-code/no-code BPM platform for building and operating workflow-driven business applications, offers fast time-to-value, flexibility, and insight; with new real-time, ad hoc features to better meet business goals. Click here for more product details.
  • Brainspace: Brainspace Discovery 5.4 — analytics for e-discovery and investigations, now delivers deeper, native support for foreign languages, including Brainspace’s patented phrase detection for Chinese, Japanese, and Farsi.
  • Brightstarr: Unily — an intranet as a service solution designed to engage employees, ensuring high adoption rates, with an intuitive interface and content management system that makes content creation simple.
  • Cambridge Semantics: Anzo Smart Data Lake — a graph-based solution that leverages the power of semantic technologies on top of big data tools like Hadoop HDFS and Apache Spark. Click here for more product details.
  • Canon Information and Imaging Solutions: Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) — integrate enterprise applications with electronic and paper documents, using Canon’s middleware product, based on service-oriented architecture.
  • Clarabridge: Customer Intelligence Platform — latest enhancements take the customer experience management program and text analytics capabilities to the next level by speeding the implementation process and improving support for large teams.
  • Colligo: Colligo Engage 2016 — delivers mobile content management to the collaborative enterprise; cloud-based control, support for multiple client platforms, and metadata capture.
  • Concept Searching: SharePoint Add-ins — conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptClassifier for Office 365 are now available as add-ins in the SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online environments.
  • Connotate: Connotate Platform — a Web data extractor platform that is scalable and reliable, combining a visual approach with advanced machine learning and a point-and-click Web data extraction tool to transform the data supply chain.
  • Coveo: Coveo for Sitecore — the first and only cloud-based, self-learning site search app for Sitecore that automatically learns from visitor behavior, tunes relevance, and recommends relevant content.
  • Cryptzone: Compliance Sheriff 5.0 — content-aware compliance automation solution that enables accessibility validation for dynamic and mobile websites, ensuring that Web content is securely accessible by every person, from any place, anywhere, at any time.
  • Datawatch: Datawatch Panopticon 13.7—provides faster visual data analysis for trading, risk, and compliance markets with new features that enable buy-side and sell-side firms and exchanges to perform big data analysis of e-trading data both in real-time and historically.
  • Digital Reasoning: Synthesys — linguistic analysis solution that learns from experience and is able to transform data into the knowledge you need to accurately answer questions; apply human-like reasoning to your data (documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, social media, etc.).
  • eGain: eGain Virtual Assistant — lifelike, conversational agent providing an interactive and personal way for users to get answers and assistance on your website 24/7; provides frontline support so your customer service staff can concentrate on more complex tasks. Click here for more product details.
  • Elastic: Graph — a new extension for Elasticsearch and Kibana that allows anyone to uncover, understand and explore the relationships that live in their data; combines the speed and relevance ranking of search with graph exploration to open a host of new use cases with the Elastic Stack.
  • EMC: EMC LEAP — a suite of intuitive, cloud-native content apps designed to transform ECM and the way people engage with content; purpose-built enterprise content apps that provide engagement with content and solve digital business challenges. Click here for more product details.
  • Empolis: Empolis Smart Cloud — information management solutions designed to address the needs and challenges customers face; in addition to on-premise software licenses, software as a service (SaaS) is available for the full range of Empolis solutions. Click here for more product details.
  • Ephesoft: SnapDoc 3.1 Mobile SDK — a self-contained document capture and data extraction platform for iOS and Android devices; full offline document classification and data extraction, live edge detection, image cropping, enhancement filters, and multilingual on-device OCR.
  • eSignLive: eSignLive — electronic signature solution, partnership with DocPoint Solutions, which offers implementation, customization, training, and support for SharePoint solutions and products, to integrate electronic signatures into SharePoint.
  • Everteam: Enterprise Content Management Platform — helps organizations maximize the value of their enterprise information for confident decision-making; helps enterprises build and manage content-driven processes to support new ways of working and to drive business results.
  • Expert System: Cogito Risk Watcher — reads content, comprehends, and learns like a human; narrows thousands of sources and millions of documents to the ones that matter; discovers connections between different sources and provides multiple scenarios as data emerges.
  • Extensis: Extensis Portfolio 2016 — digital asset management system designed to help companies and workgroups of all sizes efficiently manage asset creation, organization, and utilization.
  • EZONES: EZONES — enterprise solution that gets your content exposed, consumed, and engaged with by your desired audience; accessible across all platforms anywhere anytime; enables you to drive user interaction.
  • Fujitsu Computers Products of America: PaperStream Server — Web-based document processing platform that enables enterprises to collect, process, index, and introduce business-critical content into line-of-business or ECM systems for effective data management.
  • GlassIG: GlassIG Business, Professional, and Enterprise Editions — information governance solutions for everyone; easy to use and scalable from small and medium businesses to huge multinational corporations.
  • Guidance Software: EnCase Big Data Investigator — scalable big data-enabled early case assessment and investigation platform that identifies meaningful relationships between data sets and more quickly reveal valuable insights.
  • ie: One — brings together’s products in a unified offering and includes additions to streamline workplace collaboration and make Microsoft SharePoint easier to use.
  • Huddle: Huddle Cloud — solution for secure collaboration and project management; share content, manage projects, and improve results; simplifies sharing content across internal and external teams.
  • Hyland Software: OnBase 16 — an enterprise information platform that includes more than 3,000 customer-driven enhancements to help organizations better manage content, processes, and cases throughout the information lifecycle.
  • IDERA: SQL BI Manager v2 — a Microsoft business intelligence (MSBI) solution that provides an end-to-end view of performance data across the full stack of BI services.
  • Igloo Software: Igloo intranet — connects people to people, information, and processes; enterprise social software that enables employees to share information and work together more efficiently.
  • IHS: IHS Connect — a business and market intelligence platform that accesses research, analysis, and data in a single platform for smarter, faster decisions; provides efficient access to industry analysis, market research, and economic forecasts from over 2,000 world-renowned experts.
  • Inbenta: Hybrid Chat — natural language search platform powered by artificial intelligence with a new Hybrid Chat approach that combines its self-service virtual assistant with its on-demand Live Chat technology.
  • InfoNgen: InfoNgen Discovery Portal — Mobile-friendly Web interface with robust capabilities to filter relevant content from all of your sources and publish to your target audience.
  • Ingeniux: Ingeniux CMS Web CMS and Customer Experience — Web experience management software empowers teams to build persuasive websites, personalize user experiences, deliver online marketing capabilities and insight, and manage information across multiple channels, from the web to mobile to social to print. Click here for more product details.
  • IntelliChief: IntelliChief 3.6 — encompasses company environment-specific configured business process automation, including multiformat document capture, full text and zonal search, and interdepartmental workflow, with ERP and line of business application integration.
  • Intralinks: Content Collaboration Network — with enhancements to help solve three key collaboration challenges for its customers: data privacy, global regulatory compliance, and the ability to accelerate business beyond geographical and departmental boundaries.
  • Jostle: Jostle People Engagement platform — intranet software connects employees to each other, their leadership, and their company culture; a go-to place for information and collaboration in the office or in the field; secure, cloud-based intranet requires no IT resources to launch or maintain.
  • K2: Appit — increased customer productivity with the latest mobile, DocuSign, and cloud updates; enhancements to K2 Mobile, the introduction of SmartStarters, deeper DocuSign integration, and a new REST broker with Swagger compatibility.
  • kCura: Relativity 9.4 — new early case assessment and investigations capabilities are integrated so customers can use the complete suite of search, visualization, and analytics tools employed in document review to research matters.
  • Magnitude Software: Magnitude ONE — master data management for midmarket organizations, VARs, and systems integrators, designed to fuel business processes with accurate customer data for informed decision-making and more effective customer relationship management. Click here for more product details.
  • MaritzCX: PredictionCX and SocialCX — rescue, upsell, and anticipate the needs of silent customers; use Social CX to address the problem of social reputation management.
  • Medallia: Medallia Text Analytics — automates the discovery of customer feedback topics that might have otherwise been missed by traditional text analytics approaches.
  • Metalogix: Metalogix Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Success Portal — provides Microsoft professionals a direct link to the latest information and SharePoint 2016-ready Metalogix solutions to help ensure success across the enterprise, cloud, and hybrid IT environments.
  • Mindbreeze: Mindbreeze InSpire — delivered as an enterprise search appliance box, it unites business facts from company-internal data sources and from the Internet in a semantic knowledgebase; verifies access rights directly from indexed data sources. Click here for more product details.
  • Neo Technology: Neo4j 3.0 — graph database technology with enhanced scalability, new language drivers, and other developer-friendly properties; architecture has been revisited to make graph database development productive and intuitive while at the same time supporting massive graphs.
  • Nuxeo: Nuxeo Platform — support for MongoDB as a content and data storage backend, while enabling developers to quickly and easily build, test, and deploy cloud-ready enterprise applications.
  • Onix: Opprove by Onix — an easy-to-use workflow process tool that allows Google Apps for Work users to create a workflow without requiring programming skills or other IT support.
  • OpenText: OpenText Release 16 — an integrated digital information platform featuring Suite 16 and Cloud 16; manages and analyzes the entire flow of information, addressing the key areas of user experience, machine-to-machine integration, automation, and more.
  • Oracle: Oracle Cloud — best-of-breed SaaS applications are integrated with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities to help deliver the experiences customers expect, the ability to succeed, and the performance the market demands.
  • RAMP: Ramp AltitudeCDN Multicast — a new solution, powered by Wowza Media Systems, that enables organizations to securely broadcast live HTML5 video with the lowest impact on network bandwidth.
  • RightAnswers: RightAnswers Community — provides a better support experience by enabling customers to help each other; combines community discussions and knowledgebase solutions in one place, making it easier to find the answer.
  • SearchBlox Software: SearchBlox 8.4 — text analysis solution with new benefits, scalability, and features that include indexing support for 35 data sources through database collection, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and HTTP API.
  • Search Technologies: Aspire 3.0 — content processing framework for handling unstructured data, provides connectivity, cleansing, normalization, analysis, and publishing of human-generated content to search engines and big data applications.
  • SearchYourCloud (SYC): SYC360 — a real-time application for delivering search results across cloud store, desktop, and mobile; with the SYC search bar within Office 365, users can perform multiple predefined and ad hoc queries across multiple databases and fields at once.
  • Seclore: Seclore Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) — new release adds further advancements in persistent, data-centric security; offers robust usage controls and advanced capabilities to ensure files are secure wherever they travel.
  • Semantic Web: PoolParty Suite — supports scenarios relevant to enterprise metadata and information management: metadata management, semantic search, text mining, and enterprise data integration.
  • Sherpa Software: Altitude IG — SaaS-based platform featuring a set of integrated modules that include e-discovery, policy and reports, and analytics; addresses a broad spectrum of e-discovery and information governance challenges.
  • Sinequa: Sinequa ES Version 10 — cognitive insight platform powered by machine learning capabilities, helps deliver deep analytics of content and user behavior, offering information with continually improving relevance to users in their work environments. Click here for more product details.
  • Swiftype: Swiftype — cloud-based search solution that enables users to create and manage a search experience tailored to their specific needs; features relevance and control, real-time indexing, enterprise scalability, and a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Synaptica: OASIS — a software application that lets users dive deep inside any image to highlight and annotate points of interest at specific coordinates and levels of zoom; builds up an interactive map of the visual features and the conceptual ideas contained in images.
  • Tableau Software: Tableau Mobile for Android phones — enables customers to select, filter, and drill down into their data with controls that are automatically optimized for touch; native mobile apps are also available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and Android tablets.
  • Thru: Thru Platform — share files and collaborate online in real time, now with German language support, versioning, offline access, and a “remember me” function.
  • Transversal: Prescience — cognitive computing technology platform to ensure customer success, improve agent performance, and improve employee productivity; combines traditional knowledge-sharing tools with advanced computing intelligence.
  • Upland Software: FileBound — business process automation and document management solution with advanced forms capabilities, optimized form portal user experience, and improved workflow automation.
  • Vanguard Software: Vanguard System — brings real-time, enterprise collaboration to business modeling and quantitative management with such capabilities as modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, visually aided modeling, and predictive advanced analytics.
  • Verint Systems: Customer Engagement Optimization — portfolio now available in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid models, addressing market demand for maximum cloud flexibility.
  • Vitrium Systems: Protectedpdf v6 — analytics and improved accessibility; monitor the performance of your documents with detailed, real-time data and gain insight into your readers and their interaction with your documents.
  • Zapproved: Legal Hold Pro — automate legal hold notification, collection request tracking, and terminated employee data preservation; streamlines the practice of legal holds and improves the ability of the legal team to identify and protect data.
  • ZL Technologies: ZL File Analysis and Management — new file analysis capabilities are designed to rein in corporate file share environments by joining advanced analytics capabilities with governance architecture.

SOURCE: KMWorld Magazine

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