KMWorld 100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management

Sandra Haimila

This article appears in the issue of March 2017 (100 Companies) [Vol 26, Issue 3]

Things that matter: innovation, ingenuity, resourcefulness, usefulness, collaboration, community, expertise. Our annual list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management features organizations that manifest those traits themselves, and that help their customers attain such qualities. In researching the list this year, we were struck by the preponderance of such terms as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing — capabilities driving technology ever steadily toward more human-like behavior. Chatbots help us shop online, and they even participate in our political dialog online. Digital assistants are extending their reach to help users find answers and solve problems. And autonomous vehicles can drive without us. But in addition to those seemingly futuristic functions, tried-and-true technologies to help manage knowledge are well-represented on the list …records management, business process management, enterprise content management, business intelligence, and so on. The banner of knowledge management spans a wealth of territory to encompass solutions that range from digitizing paper invoices to simulating human conversation. Technologies evolve and so does this list. We don’t start from scratch each year but rather refine the list annually, eliminating some companies to make room for others.


We encourage you to visit the websites of this year’s list of companies. Also, beginning on page 18, KMWorld, Volume 26, Issue 3, and following the online editorial articles, you can hear from some of the companies in the View From the Top section. Here, CEOs and other top officials share their vision of the knowledge economy and how their solutions allow their customers to reach their goals.

  • A2ia — Handwriting recognition, text extraction, and document classification software; speeds automation, simplifies customer engagement and captures all types of data from documents.
  • Abbyy — Enables customers to find, extract, and action information by intelligent capture, analysis, and understanding of data.
  • ABI DSS — Record retrieval services and technology; manages follow-up with providers and leverages proprietary technology to obtain records faster than traditional retrieval processes.
  • Accellion — Provides corporations and government agencies with secure file-sharing and collaboration solutions that increase employee productivity while ensuring data security and compliance.
  • AccessData — Solutions for digital forensics, e-discovery, and litigation support are used by corporations, law enforcement, government agencies, and law firms worldwide.
  • Access Innovations — Information management and database construction products and services for academic institutions, government agencies, and industry. To learn more, read Marjorie Hlava and Jay Ven Eman’s View From The Top.
  • Accusoft — Document, content, and imaging solutions as fully supported, enterprise-grade, client-server applications, mobile apps, cloud services, and SDKs.
  • Adlib Software — Helps customers in highly regulated industries who are dealing with large volumes of content enhance document-centric processes by unlocking the value in unstructured content.
  • Adobe — Digital media and digital marketing solutions that transform how customers design and deliver exceptional digital experiences.
  • Akumina — Provides a digital workplace platform that delivers a contextual and personalized digital experience and transforms how employees work.
  • Appian — Enterprise platform that enables organizations to transform their customer experience, optimize their business operations, and master global risk and compliance.
  • Asana — Enables teams to move work from start to finish with tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards.
  • ASG Technologies — Information access, management, and control solutions enable insight to drive intelligent decisions from legacy to leading-edge environments. To learn more, read Charles Sansbury, President and CEO’s View From The Top.
  • Atlassian — Project tracking, content creation, and sharing, real-time communication, and service management products to work better together.
  • Attivio — Provides a semantic data catalog solution that helps data management professionals profile and identify all unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data across
  • AvePoint — Accelerates the migration, management, and protection of Office 365 and SharePoint data.
  • BA Insight — Software portfolio to connect SharePoint to enterprise systems and implement intelligent intranets that provide internet-like search experiences.
  • Bamboo Solutions—Offers enterprise-class software applications and solutions designed to extend the native capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Bloomfire — Cloud-based knowledge-sharing platform to empower sales and marketing, customer service, and employees.
  • Box — Enterprise content management platform that solves challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.
  • BP Logix — Enables IT and business users to deploy sophisticated, form-based, workflow-driven enterprise apps in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development.
  • Brainspace — Additional cybersecurity capabilities to enable digital investigations through the combination of machine learning technology and interactive data visualizations.
  • Cambridge Semantics — Enterprise analytics and data management software to semantically link, analyze and manage diverse data whether internal or external, structured, or unstructured. To learn more, read Alok Prasad, President’s View From The Top.
  • Canon Solutions America — Diverse software portfolio to add value to such industries as healthcare, legal, education, and finance; helps better manage information and paper-intensive workflows.
  • Cipher Systems — Delivers competitive intelligence services and technology solutions that help clients make smarter faster decisions. To learn more, read Peter Grimm, Managing Director’s View From the Top
  • Clarabridge — Advanced text analytics transforms survey, social, voice and other forms of customer feedback into intelligence used to empower confident, decisive action across the business.
  • Clarizen — Helps manage projects and connect the enterprise from a single, intuitive collaborative work management solution.
  • CognitiveScale — Builds enterprise-scale augmented machine intelligence software for healthcare, commerce, and financial services markets.
  • Colligo Networks — Mobile content management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business.
  • Concept Searching — Delivers metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management solutions.
  • Connotate — Web data extraction and data monitoring for the information services industry and data-centric businesses, automates the acquisition of content from the world’s websites.
  • Coveo — Intelligent search technology to add the value of rich content and insights to CRM, customer service applications, intranets, and websites.
  • Datawatch — Unlocks data from a wide variety of sources and prepares it for use with visualization tools or other business processes.
  • Digital Reasoning — Cognitive computing software; uses artificial intelligence techniques to accumulate context and fill in the understanding gaps.
  • DocStar — Delivers smart enterprise content management, document management, automated accounts payable, and electronic forms technology to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase insight.
  • Docurated — Artificial intelligence for enterprise content; helps to see and understand everything about content to have precise customer interactions.
  • Earley Information Science — Enables organizations to mine valuable data and harvest deep contextual insights to drive stronger business outcomes. To learn more, read Seth Earley, CEO’s View From the Top.
  • eGain — Customer engagement solutions to power digital transformation; cloud applications for social, mobile, web, and contact centers to help deliver connected customer journeys in an omnichannel world.
  • Empolis — Provides smart information management software; develops knowledge management and artificial intelligence technologies. To learn more, read Dr. Stefan Wess CEO’s View From the Top.
  • Enterprise Knowledge — Integrates knowledge management, information management, information technology, and agile approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions. To learn more, read Zach Wahl CEO’s View From the Top.
  • e-SignLive — Multifactor authentication, transaction data signing, document e-signature, and identity management solutions.
  • Everteam — Connects people, processes, and content to improve customer experience, streamline business processes, optimize records management, and adhere to compliance requirements.
  • Expert System — Text analytics and cognitive computing to enable the use of information and knowledge, especially structured data and unstructured text, for strategic activities and decision-making.
  • FTI Consulting/Technology — Data governance and data discovery to help navigate legal and regulatory environments and better control, understand, and act on data.
  • Fujitsu Computer Products of America — Document capture solutions and services for business and personal environments.
  • GlassIG — Information governance solutions to manage information policies and power organizations’ legal and regulatory requirements related to data retention and information lifecycle management.
  • GoodData — A platform to create smart business applications that harness existing data to help clients automate, recommend, and take better business actions.
  • ie — Helps drive adoption and return on investment in SharePoint, Office 365, and other Microsoft collaboration products.
  • Hitachi Consulting — Solutions designed for operation performance to help achieve mission-critical processes.
  • HPE — Designed to make IT environments more efficient, productive, and secure, enabling fast, flexible responses to a rapidly changing competitive landscape.
  • Huddle — Secure cloud collaboration and project management for government and enterprises.
  • Hyland, creator of OnBase — An enterprise information platform for managing content, processes, and cases. To learn more, read Bill Priemer, President & CEO’s View From the Top.
  • IBM — Portfolio of enterprise content technologies and solutions, including predictive analytics and data visualization.
  • IDERA — Database lifecycle management solutions to design, monitor, and manage data systems with confidence, whether in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Igloo Software — Modern intranet solution that connects the people, processes, information, and apps users need to get work done, wherever they are. To learn more, read Dan Latendre CEO’s View From the Top.
  • Inbenta — Natural language processing and artificial intelligence for customer support, e-commerce, and conversational chatbots; an easy-to-deploy solution to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ingeniux — Web and social content management software; that empowers developers and content creators to build the next-generation web. To learn more, read Jim Edmunds, CEO & Founder’s View From the Top.
  • Integrify — Provides an environment to design workflow processes and build user request forms.
  • Intralinks — Helps enterprises extend business processes and high-value content across traditional organizational, corporate, and geographical boundaries.
  • Jive Software — Interactive intranet and customer community solutions that connect people, information, and ideas to help businesses outpace their competitors.
  • K2 — Business process application platform that enables organizations to use visual designers to rapidly build and deploy low-code applications that are agile, scalable, and reusable.
  • Kaleo Software — Q&A application to connect people with experts and resources to get their jobs done; generates a database of expert know-how to improve self-service.
  • kCura — Simplifies and accelerates e-discovery by bringing the entire process and community together in one open, flexible, connected platform.
  • Knosys — Enterprise-grade knowledge management solution that helps organizations better capture, manage, and access information. To learn more, read John Thompson CEO’s View From the Top.
  • Magnitude Software — Delivers corporate performance insights through master data management, corporate performance management, and data connectivity in heterogeneous environments.
  • MarkLogic — Operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database platform; that allows organizations to integrate critical data and build innovative applications on a 360-degree view of that data.
  • Metalogix — Solutions to move, manage, and protect content within enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on-premises.
  • MicroPact — Business process management and case management platform solutions for U.S. government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Microsoft — Develops, licenses, and supports a range of software products and services in such areas as productivity, business processes, and intelligent cloud.
  • Mindbreeze — Observes a person’s working methods and the type of information that they find relevant; learns to differentiate between important and unimportant information. To learn more, read Daniel Fallman, Founder & CEO’s View From the Top.
  • Nuxeo — Hyperscale digital asset platform designed to unlock the full value of digital assets across the enterprise.
  • Onix — Offers comprehensive and customized cloud computing services, a full range of enterprise search services, and Google Maps API services.
  • OpenText — Enterprise information management solutions provider; recently acquired Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum.
  • Oracle — A comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems.
  • Panasonic System Communications Company of North America — Knowledge management solutions, from conversion to digitizing to smart routing of files. To learn more, read Masaharu Nakayama President’s View From the Top.
  • Paragon Solutions — Client-focused business and technology solutions to boost productivity, performance, and cost-efficiency. To learn more, read Jim Kane Director, Collaboration and Knowledge Management’s View From the Top.
  • Parascript — Artificial intelligence software; machine learning automatically understands documents and retrieves the right data for customers.
  • Ramp — Video delivery solutions to help organizations get the most value from video content; offers an enterprise video platform and content delivery network.
  • Raytion — Implements information management and corporate communications solutions to address customers’ specific needs.
  • RightAnswers — Provides knowledge management, web and mobile self-service, and social knowledge software.
  • Rivet Logic — Solutions to help enterprises build digital experiences through open-source and cloud-based software.
  • SDL — Language translation technology, services, and content management; creates nuanced digital experiences with customers around the world.
  • SearchBlox — Enterprise search, sentiment analysis, and text analytics solution provider.
  • Search Technologies — Specializes in the design, implementation, and management of search and big data analytics applications.
  • Semantic Web Company — Offers graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions.
  • Sherpa Software — Technology-driven information governance solutions; information governance platform with robust analytics and metrics.
  • Sinequa — Provides a real-time big data search and analytics platform; offers unified information access to all textual and database data.
  • Sitecore — Experience management software that manages content, supplies contextual intelligence, and automates communications.
  • Smartlogic — Content intelligence to find value in content and empower business intelligence.
  • SpringCM — Secure cloud platform that manages contracts and all types of documents seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and partner applications.
  • Summit 7 Systems — Solutions provider specializing in Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Office 365.
  • Swiftype — Delivers powerful, relevant search with the tools to customize, analyze, and improve discovery, powered by its secure cloud infrastructure.
  • Synaptica — Enterprise software solutions to build and manage taxonomies and ontologies, design and deploy knowledge organization systems, and annotate and index content.
  • TIBCO — A complete integration platform to interconnect everything and a broad analytics platform to augment intelligence.
  • Transversal — Provides knowledge solutions for the cloud, connecting people to knowledge.
  • Vanguard Software — Forecasting and planning software; collaborative, web-based applications that unite roles, teams, and departments for better business planning.
  • Verint — Offers technology for actionable intelligence, customer engagement optimization, and cyber intelligence. To learn more, read Elan Moriah, President, Customer Engagement Solutions’ View From the Top.
  • VirtualWorks — Technology to deduce meaning and relations from unstructured data to provide valuable insight with an optimal search experience.
  • Xillio — Technology to migrate content from and to all major ECM and WCM systems; makes content available through one central integration point.
  • Zapproved — Cloud-based solutions to give corporate legal teams control over their e-discovery processes.

SOURCE: KMWorld Magazine

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