Join Me This Thursday, June 26 for our New Webinar Offering: Improve Workplace Collaboration with SharePoint

It’s no secret that there are a number of frustrations and challenges one faces when working in SharePoint-based intranet portals. In our new webinar titled Improve Workplace Collaboration with SharePoint, I will
be discussing some of those challenges and how to bridge the out-of-the-box gaps using third-party components. Happening this Thursday, June 26 at 11 am EDT, we’ll help you combat the frustrations that users commonly encounter.

During the free hour-long webinar, I’ll show attendees not only how third-party Web Parts can simplify a user’s SharePoint experience; but also how a SharePoint-based intranet portal can greatly improve team collaboration. Not only can it be used to share electronic files while keeping them secure, but also easily share information related to tasks, events, issues, and announcements. Best of all, SharePoint site management can be delegated so that each team can control its own site, thus eliminating the dependency on the IT department.

Some of the Bamboo products we’ll be highlighting during the webinar include:

  • Tree View Web Part – See how the familiar Windows Desktop Explorer navigation allows users to maneuver through any SharePoint list, document, or picture library.
  • Calendar Plus – Bamboo’s calendaring Web Part visually communicates important events and deadlines with color-coding and icons, providing quick and easy access to event details.
  • List Rollup – See how our Web Part, which aggregates data, can be used in tandem with Calendar Plus to automatically show updated information.
  • Data Viewer Web Part – This product connects users to task lists or libraries across sites and site collections. Likewise, the Web Part allows you to customize the information displayed, providing the capability to tailor each instance of the Data-Viewer Web Part to a set audience.
  • Alert Plus – Learn how this Web Part is used to trigger alerts when an existing item is created, modified, deleted, or when a column changes. Customizable notifications are then sent to distribution lists, identifying the change in status.

I encourage you to join us this Thursday, June 26 at 11 am EDT and learn how you might minimize SharePoint-related headaches and frustration with the help of SharePoint enhancements from Bamboo.