January Featured Product of the Month

January’s featured product of the month is not really a product, but, a grouping of products that we call Cloud Parts.® These are web parts that work across both on-premises SharePoint farms as well as Office 365’s SharePoint Online! We currently have 12 products that you can review on our website www.bamboosolutions.com. We have these listed under the Office 365 section of products as that is their intended purpose, but they do, (really) work anywhere!

So what is up with these Bamboo subscriptions? Well, for sure, subscriptions seem to be a trend for SAAS software (think Salesforce and Office365) that you get to use for a period of time. However, we are seeing that ALL of our products are still software that you install in your environment, including your Office365 instance. For 2019, we are going to offer the traditional perpetual license and maintenance model for our new Cloud Parts! That is big news! Customers can now purchase these products just like any other web part! While we are getting things ready for this change, reach out to sales for more information.

This new approach is great for many clients that don’t want the operational risk of a subscription, want to purchase a single product or want to own the software that they rely on day-to-day. So go ahead, check us out, we got something for everyone!