Is Too Much Knowledge A Dangerous Thing?

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.” – ‘Albert Einstein’/Encyclopedia Britannica.

The second part of this quote is more problematic than the first: How can a lot of knowledge cause problems? Is there such a thing as “too much” knowledge? Or was Einstein in the habit of saying things because he thought – correctly – that they made him sound clever?

Unfortunately, no. In fact, it’s highly likely he never said those famous words at all. Still, the classic stereotype of an individual with too much knowledge is that of the eccentric professor, buzzing around his room, desperately looking for the spectacles he earlier propped upon his head while thinking of other things. Now he can’t see.

But an organization is filled with knowledge. By necessity, that data is required to be easily referenced and accessible, be stored securely, and never become a time-consuming burden. An organization cannot afford to be seen as haphazard or eccentric, either in its approach internally or when client-facing. That costs time – lots of it – and time costs money and client trust. Centralizing data, with a view to easily control that data, and easy search, access, and ease of use for end-users is an investment in a powerful asset.

Bamboo Knowledge Base provides a centralized, searchable, and secure knowledge management system that can be set up in minutes, with seamless SharePoint® integration. Streamlined and updated with a user-friendly, enhanced efficiency approach, it is designed to encourage self-sufficiency and cut back on requests. Flexible, scalable, and dynamic, with multiple ways to find data, your teams gain the real potential to manage more, faster – particularly when working in their familiar environment.

With Knowledge Base, articles can be created, managed, and reported on from one location. Knowledge Managers have the ability to speed up information processing with the help of a streamlined Q&A user interface and a quick-to-access archive of articles, while administrators can take advantage of a configurable dashboard section that provides a place to set up relevant web parts. And security can be easily configured with SharePoint security trimming. In short, real knowledge and the innovation it inspires have gone into the latest release of Knowledge Base for SharePoint.

All of this brings us conveniently back to the original question: Is too much knowledge a dangerous thing?

With everything considered, it could be said that the existence of “too much” knowledge depends on the owner’s ability to secure and process, share and develop any particular amount of knowledge. If your business is currently struggling with any of those elements, you need the right solution. If it is amassing larger and larger amounts of data as you grow, you have a responsibility to yourself and your clients to continue creating, learning, evolving, and growing with the best solution in place to empower that process.

“Knowledge is power.” – Sir Francis Bacon.

With that in mind, just go to our Bamboo Knowledge Base page to learn more. We also encourage you to opt for our 30-day trial with no obligation.

After all, it’s easy when you know how.