How to Use the Power Control in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Prior to Windows 8, commands such as Shut down, Restart, and Sleep were housed under the Start menu. In the latest release of Windows, however, Microsoft has removed the Start menu from the desktop user interface and has included a new Power button. Since this change is likely to disorient some users who have grown accustomed to the familiar Start menu, in this article, we will introduce you to the new Power button, and show you how to use it.


  • Select Settings from the menu on the right of your desktop:

  • Once you have opened Settings, you will see the Power button:

  • When you click Power, you will be given a few options including Sleep, Shut down, and Restart.

  • Select the option that suits your needs and you’ll be  ready to roll!


  • As with the instructions above, open the Settings menu to reveal the Power button:

  • Click Power to show the available functions, and select whichever one suits your need:

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