How to Setup Remote Access on a Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway Server Using Microsoft Threat Management Gateway

Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is a reverse proxy and VPN solution that provides a number of new features, including support for more devices, secure remote access to corporate resources for employees, business partners, and vendors on both managed and unmanaged PCs and mobile devices. UAG offers a combination of connectivity options such as reverse proxy, VPN (especially SSL VPN), Direct Access, and Remote Desktop Services. In this article, I will show you how to setup Remote Access on Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) server using Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG).


  • Open the Forefront TMG Management Program:


  • In the tree at left, click on the Firewall Policy node:


At the right-bottom of the pane, click on the System Policy Rule hyperlink:


  • In the System Policy Rules section, go to the third node, RDP (Terminal Services), and double-click on the Remote Management Computers hyperlink.


  • You will see the list of Sever Name and IP Addresses which can remote to this UAG server. If you want to add more Server Names or IP Addresses, click the Add button and select the Computer option:


  • The New Computer Rule Element dialog box will appear.
    o In the Name textbox, type the Server Name which you want to remote to this server.
    o In the Computer IP Address, type the IP Address of the server you want to remote to this server.
    o Click the OK button:


  • Your server name will now be shown in list. Click Apply and OK to complete the process:


Don’t forget to click the Apply button to save all of your actions in the Forefront TMG Program:


Good luck!