How to Schedule a Detailed Timesheet List to Create Automatically in Time Tracking and Management

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The Time Tracking and Management application has an Export a Timesheet function that exports the actual hours entered and cost values for each project task. In this post, I’ll give you a tip on how to schedule a detailed timesheet list to create automatically in your time tracking and management site. Please contact our customer support to include a Time Tracking console application folder.

The screenshot below shows all lists in your time tracking and management site:

All files are located in the Bamboo.TimeTrackingConsoleApp folder:

Open the ExportDetailedTimesheet file to edit three arguments:

  • Args [1]: Absolute time tracking and management site URL (e.g., http://foundloan/SA12A/default.aspx).
  • Args [2]: Absolute timesheet task data source site URL (e.g., http://foundloan/SA12A/default.aspx).
  • Args [3]: Include administrative items (Y/N): Y.

Then Save changes.

Double-click to run the Bamboo.TimeTrackingConsoleApp.exe file:

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler:

Select Create Task from the Actions panel on the right side of the window:

Under Create Task, type in the name and select ‘Run with highest privileges‘ checkbox:

Select the Trigger tab to create a new trigger.

In the New Trigger form, select your desired Settings options, set Start date and time, then click OK.

The Actions form allows you to create new actions clicking New.

Select Action:

  • Select Start a program.
  • In Program/scripts, click Browse, select ExportDetailedTimesheet.bat, then click Open.
  • In the Start in (optional) field, drive to folder “C:UsersspinstallerDesktopBamboo.TimeTrackingConsoleApp”

Once the list is created, taskeng.exe will generate a message as shown below.

Next, go to your Time Tracking and Management site. The newly created Detailed Timesheets now appears in the Lists.

As with all Bamboo products, we invite you to download a 30-day free trial of Time Tracking and Management or sign up for a free webinar. As always, our product enhancements are driven by listening to our loyal customers and adding the critical enhancements that you require in order to further increase your project management efficiency.