How to Recreate a Time Tracking and Management Site in SharePoint 2010 Using a .cmp File

Time Tracking and Management provides the functionality necessary for your resources to report their time, and for timesheet managers to view and/or approve/deny reports. If you are also tracking projects and need to compare the difference between the estimated project effort and the actual time spent as reported in the timesheet, Time Tracking and Management (TTM) also integrates seamlessly with Project Management Central.

Right now, you are most likely running TTM on a specific server, but what if sometime in the future you want to move TTM to another server or location? This can easily be accomplished using the Backup and Restore feature to recreate the TTM site in another location using its .cmp file.  In this article, we’ll show you where to find TTM’s .cmp file, and how to recreate your site in SharePoint 2010.

To begin, locate TTM’s .cmp file on your computer’s C: drive. The file will have the following name: TTM.cmp

Next, create a new site collection. In this example, we have named our new site collection SA12A.

In the Template Selection section, select the Time Tracking and Management site template and click OK.

Your new site will be created using the Time Tracking and Management template.

Once your site has been created, you will need to open the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. To do this, go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products > SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. From the available options, right-click on Run as Administrator.

Type in the following command and press enter:

Import-SPWeb -Identity http://vngsp2010sql/sites/SA12A -Path c:TTM.cmp -Force

Note: In this example, vngsp2010sql is the name of the server.

Wait a few minutes for the command to apply. You should see the following:

Switch back to the site you created in the instructions above. You will see that all of your TTM settings have been imported.

If you are new to SharePoint and have the need for a time management tool, try out Time Tracking Management on our sandbox, and/or sign up for a free webinar. TTM 1.7 for SharePoint 2013 will be available soon.