How to Integrate Project Management Central Reporting with Time Tracking and Management on SharePoint 2013

In this article, we will show you how to integrate Project Management Central Reporting with Time Tracking and Management on SharePoint 2013. Please note that the contents of this post apply to the following applications:

  • Project Management Central R4.0 (PM Central)
  • Time Tracking and Management R1.6 (TTM)
  • SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation 2013

PM Central’s reporting capabilities allow users to view data related to time as well as costs related to tasks and/or resources on projects. However, the reports only provide an estimate for the time and cost per resource for each task and/or project based on the task’s percent complete;  they do not provide any time or cost tracking reports based on the real-time reports of the resources’ time spent. In order to track the exact time for each resource, you will need to integrate PM Central with TTM to leverage TTM’s time-tracking capabilities.

To accomplish this, you will need to follow the steps below in order to integrate PM Central with TTM:

  • To begin, if you have not already, install PM Central R4.0 and TTM R1.6 onto your SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation 2013.

Prepare PM Central site for Application Integration:

1. The reporting features detailed in this article require that your project(s) utilize the full template. That stated you will need to create your portfolio site and the project site using the full template.

2. At the portfolio site, click the Central Actions icon and select PM Central Control Panel.  Under Report Center, click View Reports:

The following report tabs integrate with TTM:

  • Actual Work (Project Tracking vs. Time Entry)
  • Work (Planned) vs. Actual Work (Time Entry)
  • Actual Work (Time Entry)
  • Actual Cost (Project Tracking vs. Time Entry)
  • Cost (Planned) vs. Actual Cost (Time Entry)
  • Actual Cost (Time Entry)

3. Integrate PM Central and TTM:

  • At the portfolio site, click on Central Action and select PM Central Control Panel. Under Application Integration, select Time tracking, and management integration:
  • Input the URL of the TTM site which you wish to integrate with the PM Central site. Please note that you can use an absolute path or relative path.
  • Input the URL and click the Check Site URL icon to make sure that the TTM site URL is valid:
  • Once validated, click OK on the page. Next, click OK on the pop-up form that appears.

Prepare TTM site for Application Integration:

To begin, you will need to configure TTM for Time Sheet Entry.

To accomplish this, at the TTM site, navigate to the My Timesheets section and select Timesheet Entry.  Go to the Edit tool part and follow the steps below:

  • In the Timesheet Task Data Source section, under Data Source, choose the Bamboo List Rollup radio button:
  • In the Bamboo List RollUp section, select Schema from the List Rollup of the PM Central Site. 
  • In the Administrative Time List section:
  • In the Timesheet Resource Data Source section, you will notice that the section is preconfigured to capture resources from the Enterprise Resource Pool of the PM Central Site whose URL you input:
  • Click Save & Close to close the configuration form.
  • Click Apply and OK to complete configuring TTM for PM Central Site integration.

Enable cost tracking:

The Enable Cost Tracking feature is used to establish a value of the Standard Rate and Maximum Unit for a resource from the Enterprise Resource Pool list and calculate the cost of that resource.  To enable this feature, click the checkbox marked Enable cost tracking, and click the Save button:

PM Central and Time Tracking and Management will now be successfully integrated and able to provide time and cost-tracking reporting capabilities. To learn more about how Pm Central and TTM work together, check out User’s Guide to Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2010: Configuring PM Central for Time Tracking and PM Central and Time Tracking Management – Better Together as a Solution.

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