How to Enable ‘Save Site as Template’ in SharePoint 2013 Using SharePoint Designer

Are you attempting to save a Web Part page as a template but cannot see ‘Save site as template’ when you go to Site Settings > Site Actions? This post will show you how to enable ‘Save site as template’ in Site Actions.

Go to Start > All Programs > SharePoint Designer 2013 and open your site.

In Site Name, type your site (for example my site is http://vngo15sql) and click the Open button.

Enter the username and password then OK.

Click Site Options on the top ribbon.

Find SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled on the Parameters tab.

Click Modify button to change the Value from ‘false’ to ‘true‘, click OK, then Apply, and click OK.

Finally, open your site in the browser and launch it.

Questions on how to enable ‘save site as template’ in SharePoint? Contact us or browse our online documentation!