How to Embed HTML Code in a Site Using SharePoint Designer 2013

With SharePoint Designer 2013, you will see many changes encompassing a variety of new features, as well as a new user interface. In this article, I will show you how to embed a flash (.swf) file in a site, a new feature which quickly and directly embeds HTML content on an article page.

Let’s begin with a banner image (.swf):

You want to add a header to your site, but how do you do so?

Here is how to do it:




1. Create a document list, create a new item, and then select your flash file:




2. After creating a new document file, right-click on it, select the Properties option, and copy the URL of the file:


3. Paste this URL into the HTML code to insert your Flash file:

<object width=”820″ height=”274″>

   <param name=”movie” value=” http://serverchauteamo/sites/Home%20Chau/Thy.Quach/Shared%20Documents/banner.swf”>

<embed src=” http://serverchauteamo/sites/Home%20Chau/Thy.Quach/Shared%20Documents/banner.swf” width=”820″ height=”274″>



4. Back to the site.

Click on Edit Page, go to the Ribbon, click on the Insert tab, then select the Embed Code icon:



Then, copy and paste “the HTML code to insert a flash file (above)” into the embed form.  You will see the flash file show up in the form: 


Click Save to complete. Smile


Note: You can embed YouTube videos too! You can either paste HTML or JavaScript into the HTML Web Part, or if you prefer, this feature now works with IFRAME code as well. You can find IFRAME code for YouTube videos clicking the share link next to the video.