How to Deploy the WSP File to a Particular Web Application in SharePoint 2016 Using PowerShell

After the WSP file is added to Farm Solution, we need to deploy it to a web application. In this article, I’ll show you how to deploy the WSP file to a particular web application in a few clicks.

First, we open SharePoint PowerShell and run it as an administrator. Then we run this script:

Install-SPSolution -Identity <File Name> -WebApplication <URL> -GACDeployment -forceFor example:Install-SPSolution -Identity Bamboo.CalendarPlus.wsp -WebApplication http://vschauo16/ -GACDeployment -force

After we run this command on PowerShell, we go to Central Admin->System Settings->Manage Farm Solutions and see the Bamboo.CalendarPlus.wsp file deployed on it.