How to Configure Search Keywords for SharePoint 2010 & Apply them to List Search Simple Web Part

As you know, among the most important features in SharePoint is the ability to search keywords and find any word on your Web Application. In this article, we will take a look at how to activate the required services to search keywords in SharePoint 2010.

We cannot search for a keyword on a site until we've first activated Search Services on the Central Administration page. Note: SharePoint does not activate Search Services automatically, and you must activate it manually. With Search Services activated, now we'll introduce you to how to configure the services to search keywords quickly.


First, I will demonstrate how to start  "SharePoint Foundation Help Search & SharePoint Server Search" services by going to Central Admin page, and Manage service application:

Step1: Click the Start hyperlink in the Action column of the SharePoint Foundation Search service. You will see the following form, where you'll fill in the user name and password and Indexing Schedule:

Step2: Click on the SharePoint Server Search service:

Then click on Search Services Application:

Click on the Enable hyperlink for "Search alerts status" and "Query logging":

Click Crawling Content Sources in the left pane:

Click on the Local SharePoint Site dropdown and select Start Full Crawl:

Wait a few minutes, and then click on the Refresh button:

We will see the Last crawl duration revealed:

Step3: Click on Application Management, then click on Manage content databases:

Click on WSS Content:

Select a machine name for "Search Server "and "Preferred Server for Timer Jobs" as shown below:

Go to the Home site on your Web application, enter keywords, then click the Search Icon:

We will the Search Results on your site:

Applying the Above to List Search Simple Web Part:

  • The List Simple Search Web Part provides to you with a friendly search interface which allows users to perform quick queries on large lists.
  • Install Web Part and configure for use:
    • Modify Tool Pane and configure
    • Enter URL of the site containing the SharePoint List
    • Select SharePoint List or Library
    • Select search columns
    • Save and Close Tool Pane


Enter keywords into the Search in all columns field and click the Search button.

We will now see all of the results which contain those keywords entered in field above as shown below:

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