How to Configure MS Exchange to Calendar Plus Web Part

In this article, we’ll show you how to configure MS Exchange to Calendar Plus Web Part.

In the Calendar Plus Web Part Settings menu, click on MS Exchange under the Data Source Settings: 

Step 1: Exchange Connection:

First, select a color for Exchange Calendar by clicking on Select Color. A Bamboo Color Picker popup will be displayed. Select a color and click OK:

At the Exchange Service URL, enter the Exchange Web Service URL and user account information to use as the data source, then click Connect. A message will appear to confirm a successful connection:

Step 2: Base Column: Select the column for Item Display

Column, Start Date, and End Date:

Step 3: Columns to Display in Item Tooltip: Select from the Available Columns which columns will be displayed in the tooltip adding them to the Selected Columns list:

Step 4: Item Identification: Select the Column to Color-Code and modify the associated color by clicking the color box, or clicking the text values to modify the text color:

Select the column to Identify Icon, to display an associated icon with each event. Click the box associated with an icon to provide the URL with a saved icon image to use for the value:

Note: To ensure Calendar Plus Web Part can display, we must configure plus one in four data sources below:

  • SharePoint Lists or Libraries
  • SQL Server Table or View
  • Bamboo Solutions List Rollup
  • Microsoft BCS

Here is the result of a successful configuration:

You have successfully configured MS Exchange to Calendar Plus Web Part.